Lindbergh's mother teaches class as usual

DETROIT, May 20, 1927 (UP) -- Mrs. Evangeline Lodge Lindbergh, mother of the youth who today set off alone for Paris in a monoplane, faced her chemistry class in Cass Technical High School as though nothing had happened.

"Your son left for Paris this morning," she was informed upon her arrival at the school.


"Well, that's fine," answered the wife of the former Minnesota congressman. "He will get there all right and if he had room in the plane I would be right beside him now."

Mrs. Lindbergh passed impatiently into the building carefully avoiding any attempt at an interview.

As stoical as any Spartan mother who bid farewell to her baby girl that was to be cast upon the barren rocks to die, Mrs. Lindbergh reported first to the principal's office at the school.

Perhaps her demeanor was more stoical.

"Please see that I am not given any reports," she requested. "I wish to be undisturbed in conducting my class. No matter what happens do not let anyone get through to see me. And do not send in reports of the progress."

She immediately repaired to her room.

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