Coup attempt fails, Ludendorff arrested, Hitler flees

BERLIN, Nov. 9, 1923 (UP) - The second serious attempt to restore a monarchy in Germany failed today.

Less than 24 hours after it started, the reactionary uprising in Munich was crushed.


Adolf Hitler, ring leader in the revolt, escaped after having been wounded.

General Ludendorff surrendered to the loyal troops.

Casualties occurred on both sides when the troops stormed the building, but the number had not been estimated late today.

Von Poehner, who had agreed to be one of the heads of the new government Hitler was trying to establish, was captured earlier.

After having prepared openly for weeks to launch the coup in Bavaria, and from there start a march on Berlin, Hitler, with the approval of Ludendorff, struck last night.

Their prospects were uncertain until Dr. von Kahr, virtual dictator of Bavaria, and General von Lossow, commander of the reichswehr, discountenanced the move.

These two men were able to retain control of the legally organized military forces supporting the state government and the coup fizzled.

The coup in Wuerzburg, in Northern Bavaria, also was reported to have fizzled, owing to the loyalty of the government officials and troops.

Preparations for this coup took longer than those of the previous one, by Dr. Wolfgang Von Kapp, in Berlin, in March, 1920, and its end was far swifter. Dr. Von Kapp succeeded in driving President Ebert out of Berlin and held the city until his power was paralyzed by the general strike of trade unionists.


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