Fights rage in Italy

PARIS, Nov. 1, 1922 (UP) -- An unconfirmed dispatch to the Agence Radio from Chiasso on the Italian-Swiss border, today said Fascisti had demanded the American consul in Rome to hoist the Italian flag over his consulate. The report also said the Fascisti burned the Chamber of Labor in Rome.

Fighting is reported on the Serbian-Italian frontier as the result of the Fascisti triumph in Italy according to Belgrade dispatches today.


Fighting was reported near Sushak, with killed and wounded on both sides. The fighting is spreading. The Serbs are sending reinforcements and it is understood they are ready to mobilize if necessary, the same dispatches said.

Benito Mussolini, new premier of Italy, said today that the Fascisti government would "give back to the country its soul."

The ministry, in frock coats, which have replaced the black shirts of the fascists, was at work today with iron discipline prevailing in every department. Mussolini has instituted a rigorous system of checking up his new government. Each morning he plans to telephone to each minister, to be assured every one is at work. State employees were warned that tardiness would result in instant dismissal.


The premier's attitude toward Gebriele D'Annunzio was partly clarified today by a telegram sent by Mussolini to D'Annunzio.

"I am assuming the arduous task of giving discipline and internal peace to the country," the premier wired. "I send you my loving greeting and good wishes. This will not be a blindfolded victory."

The Fascisti were disbanded today after a Roman triumph in the capital yesterday in which 100,000 "black shirts" took part Pacification, declared by Mussolini to be his first aim, is to be enforced at once, the premier declared, starting in with his own followers who were to be demobilized immediately.

Mussolini has committed himself to a policy of commercial welfare for Italy at home and abroad.

His foreign policy will have two aims:

First: Development of friendships with foreign nations which can furnish raw materials for Italian industry.

Second: Establishment of outlets for Italy's surplus population thru emigration to South America and Australia chiefly.

Mussolini realizes that the unrest which has seethed in Italy since the armistice can be traced back to the fact that the Italian workingman is having a hard time to find bread for his table, and that Italy can never become stable unless there is plenty of work for the whole population.


"The Nationalist" revolution is a lawful since it succeeded in changing the regime without bloodshed and without derangement of public service or private property. Mussolini said, "We shall be friends to those who treat us as friends."

Mussolini said he probably would summon Parliament Nov. 7 or 8. If he can produce a majority, Parliament will be continued until the regular election, and if not, it will be dissolved at once.

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