'Fatty' Arbuckle now in hands of S.F. police

By United Press

SAN FRANCISCO -- Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, comedian who has made millions laugh, was booked for murder at the San Francisco central police station at midnight.

Chief of Police Daniel O'Brien, Captain of Detectives Duncan Matheson and Assistant District Attorney Milton Uren declared after questioning Arbuckle for several hours that they believed they had sufficient evidence to show that he had attempted a felonious attack or had made a felonious attack on Miss Virginia Rappe, film beauty, who died in a hospital here Friday.


Matheson declared that the murder charge would be pressed against Arbuckle.

A statement signed by the three officers was issued as follows, shortly before midnight:

"We feel that this woman died as a result of an attack made upon her by Arbuckle. He either attempted a felonious assault or committed a felonious assault upon her. That is first degree murder and on that we are unanimous. Nobody can come to San Francisco and do a thing like this and get away with it. We believe we have plenty of evidence to substantiate the charge of murder that has been made in this case."

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