75 dead in Tulsa race war


At 1:15 this afternoon, seven whites were known to be dead and 34 wounded, according to police and military authorities. Sixty-eight negroes are dead and 100 wounded, Chief of Police Gustafson said his advices showed.

United Press

TULSA, Okla., June 1 (United Press) -- At noon today, police reports and a check of three hospitals show that seven, whites are dead and 32 wounded.

Many whites who were wounded are in their own homes and the total, it is believed would show an increase in the available figures.


Fifty negroes, including men, women and children are dead, according to reports from the black belt after a check by authorities, and it is believed that 200 blacks have been wounded.


Officials are in control of the situation and no more armed conflicts are expected.

Practically the entire negro section of the city is still in flames and the fire department has battled several hours, but so far helplessly against the conflagration.

Dick Rowland, the negro who was alleged to have attacked a 17-year-old white elevator-girl in the Drexel building Monday, was still in the custody of officials, but it was thought that the negro had been taken to some other point for safe keeping.

Fighting, of the guerilla nature continued until nearly noon on the outskirts of the city near Davis hill where fire was consuming the negro section of the city and threatening the white residential district. ,


Convention hall, with a capacity of 3,000, was filled with captured negroes before noon and was placed under heavy guard. Hundreds of negroes have fled from the city. Every train coming into Tulsa this forenoon, was entered by guards and all negroes taken from the passenger coaches.

Robertson To Tulsa

Oklahoma City, June 1.-- Governor Robertson was to entrain for Tulsa at 1:45 o'clock this afternoon to personally investigate the situation there, it was announced at the capitol.

The governor has been In conference with the attorney general's office all morning, It was learned and it is Indicated that he would be accompanied by a member of the attorney general's staff.

The governor has declared Tulsa under martial law.

- - -

Tulsa, Okla., June 1. Race rioting continued here today between whites and blacks as volley after volley of shots rang out in the negro quarter of the city. Early this morning, the whole negro section of the city seems to be on fire. At 7 o'clock this morning there was an unconfirmed report that more than three whites were killed, which would bring the unconfirmed death list up to five whites and thiry negroes.

Three units of the Oklahoma National Guard are on duty and are attempting to pacify the mob.


Riots Start at Jail

The rioting started early last night when a mob of whites, said to have been armed with guns and revolvers gathered at the county Jail, after Dick Rowland, a negro, was arrested for an alleged attack on a young white girl.

A mob of armed negroes also formed at the jail and assumed a threatening attitude.

The situation grew more tense and went from bad to worse as the feeling grew.

About 10 o'clock last night, the first shots were heard. It was not clearly reported as to which mob started the shooting, but by midnight the fighting in the streets was general.

During the night, clashes between armed armed bands became frequent and there was some talk during the night of a general Invasion of the "black belt" of the city. No action in this direction was taken, however, until early today and at that time, the armed whites were said to number about 1,000.

An advance on "Little Africa" was made and the whites formed a circle of steel around the negro quarter.

Almost Immediately, a rifle and revolver battle that took on the proportions of a major engagement started.

Almost continuous fire could be heard.


The casualties were said to include 100 whites and 150 negroes wounded.

Some are believed to have been fatally hurt.

Barrett off to Tulsa

Oklahoma City, June 1 -- Adjutant General Barrett left here today for Tulsa to take charge of the situation there, which is the outgrowth of rioting between blacks and whites that started last night.

O. N. G. Goes on Duty

Oklahoma City. June 1. -- The adjutant general's office announced that the following units of the Oklahoma National Guard are either on duty in Tulsa or are enroute here:

Company B and the Sanitary detachment, 200 men, of Tulsa; Companies A and D comprising a force of 150 men of Oklahoma City.

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