French troops march on Dusseldorf

By United Press

LONDON -- The German officials of the reparations conference leave today after wiring Berlin to watch for communist uprisings.

Von Simons, bitter at the end, said he would hamper future agreements.


British papers are not unanimous in opinion, some saying steps should be taken to help collect the money.

The Allied armies report some grumbling by the Germans over the occupation, but mostly just curious crowds witnessed the invasion. Trenches were dug, artillery placed and troops billeted quickly.

Dusseldorf occupied

PARIS -- The French foreign office announced officially this morning that Dusseldorf was occupied at 6 a.m.

Investment without hitch

LONDON -- Unofficial reports say the occupation of Dusseldorf, Duisberg and Ruhrot has been completed.

No American participation

PARIS -- It is believed the American army at Coblenz will take no part in the Allied advance.

With break of day

WITH THE ALLIED ARMIES -- The Allied troops cross the River Rhine today. Long columns of French, British and Belgian troops tramped across just as the morning mists began to break.

Horse, foot and artillery clattered over the cobbles in the narrow streets of the ancient towns.

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