Reds in wild fist fight while being deported

HOBOKEN, N.J., Feb. 11, 1919 (UP) -- The 54 "undesirables" -- Reds, Bolsheviki agitators and I.W.W.'s -- sent here from Seattle and other western cities for deportation, arrive here, were hurried aboard a tug and started for Ellis Island today.

A fist fight started among the aliens when one of them was accused of being a department of justice spy. Several other "reds" and I. W. W. prisoners attacked him. Fists were swung wildly for some time before the guards restored order.


The deportation of the batch of troublesome aliens is one of the series of such deportations that will be conducted by the Immigration Department. The department has had its dragnet out for more than a year.

Beginning at Settle, Wash., the present center of labor disturbances in the west, more than 40 Bolsheviki and Industrial Workers of the World agitators were rounded up and imprisoned in two special cars.

Leaving there about six days ago, the train stopped at Denver to pick up a few who had been detained there. On Sunday night a stop was made at Chicago for five alien convicts.

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