UP correspondent Graudenz arrested by German troops, released

JOHN GRAUDENZ, United Press Staff Correspondent

BERLIN, Jan. 11, 1919 (UP) - While en route to the scene of the attack on the Vorwaerts Building today I was arrested by government troops, but was later released.

Owing to the injury to my foot (Graudenz was wounded by a hand grenade last Monday) I had taken a horse cab. A short distance from the Vorwaerts my progress was blocked by government troops, who were personally commanded by Gustav Noske, military director of the city.


I climbed into the cab to get a better view of the bombardment. Noske spied me and gave an order. Ten officers, waving revolvers, rushed at me. I was placed under arrest, despite my special foreign pass.

I was unable to walk, and two officers, supporting me, started to lead me away. An artillery colonel whom I knew was attracted by the commotion. He ordered my release and apologized.

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