Munitions ship blown up near Halifax

By United Press

MONTREAL, Quebec -- An unconfirmed report was received here today from Halifax stating that a fully loaded munitions ship blew up in the harbor of Rockingham, a suburb of that city completely destroying the water front and killing many persons. Wires are down. Rockingham is twenty miles from Halifax.

Many buildings are reported blown to bits. The explosion was heard a hundred miles away. Reports from the scene are meager. At the Western Union office in Halifax many of the operators were injured by the flying debris and the offices were reported wrecked.


The city, in the vicinity of Rockingham, is said to be in flames and fire fighting apparatus from the surrounding points has been called to assist in fighting the fire.

NEW YORK -- The explosion at Rockingham near Halifax, in which many persons are reported dead was caused by the collision of two transports loaded with munitions in the harbor, according to word received by cable to officials here today. All communication with Halifax by land and sea failed at ten-ten a.m. the official said.

NEW YORK -- Telegraph and telephone wires into Halifax are down as a result of the explosion at Rockingham Bay. The Western Union offices here declared today. The reports received at that office said the Western Union offices at Halifax had been damaged by the force of the explosion at Rockingham and that several employees there had been injured.


AMHERST -- Scores are dead in Halifax, hundreds of buildings are destroyed and sections of the city are in flames as a result of the collision between an American munition ship and another ship near the suburb of Richmond today.

Warehouses along the water front were partially demolished. Firemen are called from Amherst. Reports received here could give no definite estimate of the number killed and injured.

The force of the explosion blew freight cars off of tracks and partly destroyed buildings.

The report of the blast was heard at Trure, a few minutes later a wire was received asking that nurses, doctors, firemen and food be immediately rushed to the stricken city.

Communication with Halifax is very irregular. For a time all wires into the city were down. Efforts are now being made to get more information. One of the last messages to come through declared the loss of life was appalling.

Richmond, near where the collision occurred is directly across the bay from Halifax. Reports here said the American munitions vessel was rammed amidship by the other ship.

TRURE -- Forty or fifty persons are dead in the Halifax munitions explosion, according to reports received here this afternoon. There is no estimate of the number injured.


Doctors, nurses and supplies are being rushed to the Canadian naval port from every town within a radius of eighty miles.

MONCTON -- Latest reports reaching here say the death toll of the terrific explosion at Halifax will probably reach more than 400 at the least. A messenger reaching a small town near here from Halifax brought a disjointed account of the terrific blast.

Four hospital trains with nurses, surgeons and supplies are being rushed from here and a mother is en-route, officials of the Canadian government railway declared this afternoon.

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