Germans driving against Ypres

By United Press

BERLIN -- The Germans are continuing to advance in the region to the north. Northeast of Ypres they have stormed and taken the canal town of Lizerne, on the west bank of the Yser. Additional prisoners were captured and brought the total up to 2,470, with thirty-five cannon and many machine guns, rifles, ammunition and war materials.

It is also claimed the trenches ceded to the French in the Argonne region have been recaptured. Progress is claimed in the forest of La Pretre.


Accuracy of the German fire near Ypres is credited officially for breaking down the. attempts of the Allies and recapturing the lost territory.

Germans Renew Bloody Drive

To those outside the war offices of the belligerent nations it would appear, however, that following their loss of Hill 60 and their failure, after repeated attempts to recapture it, the Germans have commenced an offensive from the northeast against the Anglo-French line in front of Ypres, which was the scene of such bloody battles last autumn and also against the BeJ-gian line farther west.

The Germans claim, that with a rush, they drove the allies back to Ypres canal, taking 1,600 British and French prisoners, and a -number of guns. The French account admits that the allies had to fall back, but it states that this was due to the use by the Germans of asphyxiating gas bombs. Paris asserts that in counter attacks the allies took many German prisoners and that the Belgians repulsed attacks launched against them. It is believed here that these operations are only the commencement of another battle of Ypress.


With a big battle 'developing near Ypres, in Flanders, and reports of a prospective naval 'engagement in the North sea and cf preparations for the commencement of a combined naval and military attack on the Dardanelles or some other vital spots in Turkey, the people of Europe are highly expectant.

Of these three anticipated events, only one has actually reached fulfillment the battle near Ypres. That a severe engagepient has taken place in this part of Flanders is -confirmed by the official reports, but these are so contradictory in their claims that the actual result of the. preliminary fighting is not known.

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