Kaiser holds key to holding back war menacing Europe

KARL H. VON WIEGAND, United Press Staff Correspondent

BERLIN, July 29, 1914 (UP) -- Kaiser Wilhelm's hand today holds back the titanic war which menaces all of Europe.

Austria has not struck the first blow in any concerted war campaign.


So far as can be learned with the rigid war censorship in force at Vienna, no Austrian troops have set foot on Servian soil.

It is reported here unofficially, and generally credited that the kaiser has ordered Emperor Franz Joseph to withhold the invasion of Servian territory by Austrian troops, until the word is given from Potsdam.

Meanwhile Kaiser Wilhelm and Czar Nicholas are in constant communication. This is admitted at the foreign office. The kaiser has forbidden all demonstrations calculated to rouse the war spirit.

War news is being suppressed in the press. The kaiser is bending every personal effort in the direction of a limitation of the conflict to Austria and Servia.

Until satisfied of the failure of his efforts to induce Russia's neutrality the kaiser will continue, through pressure on Emperor Francis Joseph, to hold the north bank of the Danube.

Unless the czar can be induced to reconsider, the first advance of the Austrian forces across the Danube would force Russia's hand. The czar would make good on his threat to mobilize.


To avert a general European war after that would be difficult.

In official circles this evening it is believed the next 24 hours will bring a final decision.

It is generally reported that the plea on which the kaiser is endeavoring to move the czar to reconsideration of his announced support of Servia by arms, is the pledge that territorial extension is not sought in the war.

Pessimism reigned here tonight over the possibilities of a peaceful settlement.

Germany will be the first nation to mobilize upon the initial move by Russia to support Servia. The kaiser had expressed his desire for peace, providing Russia keep hands off. Russia has declared this is impossible if Servia is invaded.

Czar Nicholas has personally communicated to the kaiser the position of Russia in the Austro-Servian conflict, informing him that any invasion of Servia will be immediately followed by Russian mobilization orders.

Orders for mobilization of the Germany army were drawn up and signed today. They will be promulgated at the first official information of a warlike move on the part of the czar.

The German diplomatic officers in St. Petersburg are in constant secret communication with the government here.

The British cabinet held an extended session today during which further steps were considered to avert a disastrous conflict.


Advices from the war zone today declared Servians and Austrians are concentrating for the first battle.

Six Austrian army corps are advancing from Bosnia and Hungary. The Servians are concentrating on Novi Bazar where they will form a junction with Montenegrin forces coming to their support.

Austrian troops are being rapidly concentrated on the border and the invasion of Servia is momentarily expected. Servia has called all able-bodied men, regardless of age, to the colors and is prepared for a stubborn resistance.

Every nation in the triple alliance or entente is counseling the compromising of all internal political disputes and the uniting of all factions to face the international conflict.

In England the threatened war is expected to result in an early compromise on home rule. Demands for a general election have ceased. All factions are advising an early settlement in view of the outside peril.

Although England has apparently remained more or less cold and indifferent to the war, the people of all other nations are aroused to the highest pitch of patriotic enthusiasm.

It was necessary to suppress street demonstration in Berlin. In France the statements from St. Petersburg that Russia will surely intervene are taken as a direct challenge to the triple alliance by the triple entente.


French groups troops are gathering on the border, prepared to resist the blow which it is believed certain Germany will aim at the republic as one of its first war moves.

All leaves of absence have been cancelled by the French war office and mobilization orders are likely to be posted at any time. Soldiers are already guarding the main line railway stations.

The Russian Baltic squadron returned to Libau late yesterday. It was en route to Copenhagen for a week's visit, but was ordered back in preparation for war.

One German squadron of 28 battleships has started south and battle drill has begun by another large German fleet that arrived last night south of the island of Holland in the Baltic

One of the first acts by Russia in preparation for war defense against Germany is an order issued for darkening the Baltic coast. All lighthouses and signals on that coast have been dimmed and shipping has been warned to keep away.

Greece and Montenegro are sure to join Servia. In fact they are already practically involved. Austria is mobilizing on the Montenegrin frontier as well as on the Servian, and Greece has sent Servia notice that she will furnish an army of 100,000 men to fight the invaders.


An Austrian squadron has established a complete blockade at Antivari, Montenegro's chief port, and Montenegrin troops are being massed on the Austrian frontier on the heights above Cattaro, Austria's naval station on the Adriatic. Here Austrian transports are rushing troops for defense and for the invasion of Montenegro on the first overt hostile act by that nation.

It is at Kraguyevatz that the first great conflict of the Austro-Servan war is in prospect. This city is 60 miles from Belgrade, and includes great arms and ammunition factories, arsenals and magazines. It is well fortified against attack and Servia has garrisoned it with thousands of soldiers, the flower of her army, prepared to resist to the death.

Dispatches from Vienna today say Austria-Hungary began offensive operations against Servia immediately after issuing the declaration of war yesterday.

Austrian troops crossed Danube at Mitrovitz, driving back the Servians. Twenty thousand troops of the Temesvar army corps are concentrating near Semendria, preparing pontoons for crossing the river, while anther corps, concentrated opposite Belgrade, is building a pontoon bridge to replace railroad bridge dynamited by Servians.

Austrians last night seized two Servian vessels with contraband of war at Orsova.

Gen. Marinovich, a Servian staff officer, arrested by Austrians Sunday at Marlenbad, was released.


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