French troops reported on German border

LONDON, July 29, 1914 (UP) -- The report from Luxemburg that French troops are being mobilized on the German border aroused intense interest here today, as all experts agree that Alsace-Lorraine, wrested by Germany from France in 1871, is now one of the danger spots of Europe. Many believe that at the first warlike move by Russia, Germany will strike at France.

For months there have been reports that Germany would order all Frenchmen expelled from Alsace-Lorraine, and the very mention of such action aroused the bitterest resentment in France.


The provinces have been a source of constant trouble to the kaiser, and serious complications have been impending almost continuously for years.

It is believed that Germany will take advantage of Russia's slowness in mobilization, if the czar moves to aid Servia. The kaiser fears to turn his back toward France, and diplomats contend that he will endeavor to crush the French army before engaging Russia.

Such a course would mean that the first great conflict of a general European war would be between the French and Germans. Both have been prepared for it for months.

President Poincare, himself, is a Lorrainer, and has taken the keenest personal interest in the situation in the provinces.


Poincare arrived in Paris today to direct personally the destinies of France in the European war crisis.

A great crowd greeted him at the station. His appearance was followed by an outburst of patriotic enthusiasm, cheering throngs following him to Elysee.

A clash between Germany and France would mark the first great aerial war in history. It would be, in measure, also a contest between war dirigible and aeroplane.

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