Kaiser orders crown prince to play tennis to stay out of harm's way

KARL H. VON WIEGAND, United Press Staff Correspondent

BERLIN, July 28, 1914 (UP) -- Kaiser Wilhelm is taking no chances with the crown prince in the war crisis.

While the powers are endeavoring to avert a war which may plunge the entire continent into conflict. Prince Frederick Wilhelm will play tennis at Zoppot, a seaside resort seven miles from Danzig.


The heir to the German throne today received orders to remain at Zoppot. Playing tennis is the only military duty his royal father desires of him until the present crisis is passed.

The order issued by the kaiser is taken as an indication of fear on the part of the war lord and his advisers that the crown prince might be carried away by war fever and commit some indiscretion in Berlin that would make a conflict certain.

If this is not the reason for the exile of the crown prince to the tennis courts, then the Germans believe he is being punished for his recent public endorsement of the warlike book, "Germany's Hour of Fate."

This is not the first time the kaiser has seen fit to shunt the avowedly warlike heir to the throne to some point removed from the capital. For an outbreak in the Reichstag when he applauded warlike debate, he was assigned to a bleak army post service at which is looked upon by army men as hardly less than penal servitude.


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