Americans assume charge of Vera Cruz hospital, care for Mexicans

WASHINGTON, April 22, 1914 (UP) -- A dispatch was received at 4:30 from Consul Canada, at Vera Cruz, stating that at 2 p.m., the city was entirely quiet and all policed by American forces. His request that San Sebastian Hospital be placed at the disposal of our chief sanitary officer to-day, with navy doctors and nurses to care for Mexican wounded, was immediately granted.

Reports have it that all Americans at the Diligentia Hotel during the fighting are safe, and now going on board the Esperanza.


At 10:30 a.m., the Americans were in complete control of the city. The heaviest fighting of the day was about the naval academy, when the cadets and "snipers" opened fire on the marines and blue-jackets, as they advanced. The blue-jackets kept on steadily and then the Chester took position for action.

The Chester roared out thirteen five pounders in quick succession. Every shot struck and the building was completely demolished, with a heavy loss of life among the Mexicans.

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