Jack Johnson appeals his conviction under Mann Act

CHICAGO, Jan. 22, 1914 (UP) - Attorneys for Jack Johnson, negro prizefighter, in a brief for a new trial filed with the Unites States court of appeals, today argued that not only must the commercial element be proven, but it must be shown that the victim of a white slaver was compelled by force to lead an immoral life before conviction can be obtained under the Mann act.

Johnson was convicted under the act.


Attorney Bachrach's brief made the startling assertion that 2,000 girls, most of them from France, are imported to this country every year by a syndicate of white slavers. Distributing centers, he claimed, are maintained in New York, Chicago, Omaha, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Nome, Alaska.

"Hundreds of men in large cities live from the earnings of these girls-many of them in affluence," said Bachrach.

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