Astor and Stead among those aboard Titanic

NEW YORK, April 16, 1912 (UP) - Seldom in the history of navigation has a steamer carried so many noted persons as thronged the Titanic on her maiden trip.

Hardly any of the noted passengers were saved, according to the meager advices available.


Colonel John Jacob Astor, direct male head of the famous Astor family, ranks as the largest individual landowner, so far as values are concerned in America.

Henry B. Harris is a power in the theatrical world, a native of St. Louis and an official in various managerial associations.

Isidor Straus is a brother of Nathan and Oscar Straus, and New York's most prominent Hebrew merchant.

William T. Stead, London author, and for years editor of the Review of Reviews, was en route for a brief tour of the United States.

Charles Melville Hays, president of the Grand Trunk railroad, considered one of the most brilliant officials, was returning from a business trip in England. He is reported saved.

Benjamin Guggenheim, fifth of the seven sons of Meyer Guggenheim, has for years been in charge of the Guggenheim mining interests.

Frank D. Millet, artist and traveler, was returning from a trip to Italy, where he was at the head of the American academy at Rome.


Clarence Moore was returning from England, where, as master of the Chevy Chase hunt of Washington, he had purchased a new pack of hounds.

Maj. Archibald Butt, military aid to the president, was returning from a trip to Europe, reported as having been taken for his health. It only lately leaked out that he had gone on a confidential mission for President Taft, whom he served as military aid. He saw Pope Pius and Cardinal Merry Del Val, papal secretary of state, for Taft on the matter of precedence in the official recognition of the now four American Catholic prelates, Cardinal Gibbons, Falconio, Farley and O'Connell.

Jacques Futrelle, the writer of fiction, had been on a pleasure trip with his wife.

J. Bruce Ismay, president of the International Mercantile Marine Co., which controls the White Star line, also was on board. He is reported saved.

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