Louvre robbed of art treasure

United Press

One of the most sensational robberies in years took place at the Louvre today when the noted Mona Lisa of Leonardo di Vinci, was stolen from the wall. The picture was seen in its place at noon and shortly afterward it was noted that its place was vacant. Little attention was paid to this for a while as the officials believed tbat it had been taken to be photographed. Search showed that no one In authority had ordered its removal and than a hurried canvass of the galleries showed that picture and frame were gone.

At 3 o'clock the prefect of police closed the Louvre and a thorough search is la progress.


Search revealed the glass and frame of the picture hidden on the stair way. When the doors were closed the museum was packed, many of them being American tourists. Everyone was compelled to file out through a double line of detectives who closely scrutinized each one.

It was rumored some weeks ago that a band of expert American picture thieves were in Paris planning to operate in the Louvre and orders were given that the attendants should be more watchful.

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