Harroun, in Marmon car, wins inaugural Indy 500

By United Press

MOTOR SPEEDWAY, INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- In a driving finish with three cars bunched within thirty seconds of each other ten miles before the tape was crossed, Ray Harroun, the favorite behind the driving wheel of a big Marmon racer, won the 500 mile International Sweepstakes yesterday afternoon, capturing prizes that will aggregate $15,000.

Ralph Mulford in a Lozier, driving at breakneck speed, followed Harroun, his car scarcely 300 yards behind the Marmon.


The two cars raced down the stretch at terrific speed, the spectators cheering them wildly as they passed.

David Bruce-Brown in a Fiat was the third to cross the tape. He had twice gained the lead during the long grind.

Spencer Wishart, driving a Mercedes, was fourth and Ralph De Palma in an Interstate, was fifth. Charles Merz in a National had sixth.

The time for the 500 miles was six hours, 41 minutes and eight seconds, an average of approximately 75 miles per hour. During the last few miles the leaders maintained an average of more than eighty miles an hour.

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