Names of victims in the Triangle Shirtwaist Co. fire

NEW YORK, March 27, 1911 (UP) -- The total number of fatalities as a result of the fire has been placed at 142. Up to this morning all had identified but 53. Today nineteen more have been identified as follows:

Frances Maile, 21, 135 Sullivan street.


Rose Friedman, 18, 77 Eighth street.

Rosie Bassius, 31, 97 West Houston street.

Ida Brodsky, 15, 308 East Tenth street.

Sarah Sabassowitz, 17, 212 Avenue B.

Irene Graetinzo, 24, 6 Bedford street.

Mary Herman, 40, This body was charred beyond all human resemblance and all of the clothing burned off. Identification was made by a garter buckle of a peculiar design.

Nettie Liebowitz, 22.

Nettie Rosenthal, 41, was identified by Minnie Blonstein, who was working with her. Miss Rosenthal stumbled and was trampled under foot by the mad rush of other frightened girls. The body was recognized by the rings on the fingers.


Vincenzio Zellota, 16, Hoboken. Her clothing had all been burned off and recognition was possible only by an iron plate attached to her shoe.

Rebecca Raynes, 19. This identification made by her younger sister, Nettie, is not yet complete as Nettie Raynes collapsed on seeing the body and was taken to a hospital in a hysterical condition.

At 11:30 the line of those seeking admission to the temporary morgue extended over five blocks. The police would only permit half a dozen in the building at a time.

Gartana Nicola, 16

Mollier Gerstein, 17.

Loed Rosen, 38. Rosen landed in the country three weeks ago. He was saving to make a home for his invalid wife and six children, who are in Russia.

Bessie Stump, 19.

Celia Isenburg, 17.

Ada Brooks, 18.

Mrs. Annie Starr, 30.

Jennie Stelino, 16.

The list of identified up to this morning follows:

Albino Caruso, 20, shirtmaker.

Laura Brunette, 17,operator.

Tessie Kepple, 18, shirtmaker.

Theodre Rotner, 22, shirtmaker.

Jacob Zeitner, 33, shirtmaker.

Becky Ostrowsky, 20, operator.

Tina Frank, 17, shirtmaker.

Morris Bernstein, 19, operator.

Beckie Kabbleman, 16, shirtmaker.

Annie Novovbrisky, 20, shirtmaker.

Pearl Sklazar, 25, shirtmaker.

Benny Kuritz, 19, shirtmaker.

Annie L'Abbate, 16, shirtmaker.


Tessie Sarcino, 20, apronmaker.

Max Lehrehr, 22, shirtmaker.

Lerehr, man, 19, single, shirtmaker.

Becky Kessler, 19, shirtmaker.

Lizzie Adler, 24, shirtmaker.

Maria Manara, 27, operator.

Violet Schochep, 21, operator.

Dominick Kaimen, 24, operator.

Jennie Rosenburg, 21, shirtwaist operator.

Fannie Lanzer, 21, forewomen.

Abraham Binevitz, 30, shirtmaker.

Sally Weintrauth, 17.

Roscoe Weiner, 23, shirtmaker.

Mary Ullo, 26, shirtmaker.

Frances Gabutto, 17. operator.

Nicolene Nicolese, 21, operator.

Annie Altman, 16.

Antonita Pasqueleto, 16, operator.

Gertrude Bierman, 22, operator.

Tessie Wiesner, 21, operator.

Annie Collette, 30.

Rosie Sorkin, 18.

Becky Nerberer, 19, operator.

Rebecca Felbisch, stitcher.

Bertha Wandrus, 18, operator.

Rosie Girrito, 18, forewomen.

Bettina Nalale, 18.

Clotilde Terranova, 22, presser.

Rosie Lermark, 19.

Vincenzo Benenti, 22, single.

Jennie Poliny, 20, shirtmaker.

Bertha Gret, 25.

Bertha Kuhler, 20, operator.

Millie Prato, 21, operator.

Jennie Stern, 18, operator.

Theresa Schmidt, 31, operator.

Rosalle Malteese, 14, operator.

Lucia Malteese, 20, operator.

Mechl Marciano, 25, operator.

Tillie Cupersmith, 16, operator.

Meyer Uutal, 23, machinist.

Samuel Tabich, 18, operator.

Lena Godstein, 22, operator.

Isabella Torparello, 17, operator.

Julia Oberstein, 19, operator.

Sadie Nausbaum, 18, operator.

Sonia Wisotsky, 17, operator.

Joseph Wilson, 21, operator of Philadelphia.

Bessie Viavinca, 15, operator.

Beckie Reiners, 19, cutter.

Rachel Grosman, 17.

Rose Mankofsky, 22, operator.


Carrie Uzzo, 22, operator.

Annie Cohen, 25, operator.

Ida Jakofsky, 19, shirtwaist maker.

Annie Pack, 18, waistmaker.

Annie Semnillo, 30, operator.

Gussie Schiffman, 18.

Johanna Carlissi, 31, operator.

Fannie Hollander, 18, operator.

Ethel Snyder, 20, operator.

Cecelia Gettlin, 17, operator.

Pauline Horowitz, 19, operator.

Rose Oringer, 20, operator.

Ida Kanovitz, 18, operator.

Bertha Manders, 22, operator.

Rebecca Serbitsch, 17,operator.

Dinah Greensburg, 18, waistmaker.

Jacob Bernstein, 20.

Rosie Grasso, 16.

Rosie Shapiro, 17.

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