Race riots in dozen cities follow Johnson fight victory

NEW YORK, July 5, 1910 (UP) - When news that Johnson had defeated Jeffries flashed over the wires last night, riots between whites and blacks followed in a dozen cities of the country, and reports this morning increase the number and add to the list of injured.

Eleven riot calls were reported to police in New York within little more than an hour after the bulletin boards and extras announced the decision.


One negro was clubbed to death and more than 100 were beaten up, while a number of whites are suffering from knife and bullet wounds.

In the Tenderloin a negro was seized by angry whites and strung up to a lamppost. He was nearly dead when the police cut him down.

At 135th-st and Eighth-av in the better class negro quarter a mob of white men stormed a street car, pulled a negro into the street and kicked and beat him. Police rescued the negro. Another mob attempted to lynch a negro buying a paper. The negro drew a stiletto and held the mob off until police arrived.

In the "black and tan" and "San Juan hill" negro sections mobs set fire to a negro tenement house, hurled stones at windows, and tried to keep the occupants in by blocking the exits. The fire department routed the mob.


Smaller riots were of frequent occurrence throughout the night and early morning.

Two fatally hurt, two hospitals crowded with injured, and 236 prisoners in the city jails, summed up the result of the all-night rioting in Washington.

Mobs at times estimated at 7,000 persons rushed through the streets.

In Pittsburgh there were three riots. Street cars were blocked and police had to club their way through the negro section.

At Pueblo, Colo., the entire police force was necessary to put down a clash between whites and blacks.

At Charleston, Mo., serious trouble is expected. Following the lynching of two negros, slayers of a farmer, Sunday night, the races have been on the verge of war and the Johnson victory increases the chances of outbreak.

At Uvaldia, Ga., near Augusta, three negroes were killed during a race riot and today more trouble is expected.

At Atlanta, Ga., a negro yelled "Hurrah for Johnson" on a crowded downtown street and in an instant half a dozen men were on him. Police rescued him.

A mob of negroes at Wilmington, Del., attacked a white man following an argument over the fight. A crowd of white men then chased the blacks several blocks and bombarded a house in which one took refuge.


At Columbus, Ohio, the entire negro population, numbering 20,000, celebrated the Johnson victory. About 400 men and women paraded the streets with a band. There was fighting all along the line of march. Several were injured, but the police finally prevented trouble and allowed the negroes to continue their march into the negro section.

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