T.R. cures Ethel's dog of seasickness

June 13 1910
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ON BOARD THE KAISERIN AUGUSTE VICTORIA via wireless to London, June 13, 1910 (UP) - Bongo is better. The severe attack of mal-de-mer which overcame Miss Ethel Roosevelt's canine pet has given way to remedies administered by the former president. The fact that Roosevelt insisted on doctoring the dog himself brought envy to the hearts of some of the passengers who wanted to exchange places with the dog.

Roosevelt is the idol of the steerage passengers. His action in attending the Catholic services held on board yesterday, addressing the future citizens of the United States, was followed by an unprecedented demonstration when the emigrants crowded about him and tried to kiss his hands. In two brief "sermons," Roosevelt welcomed the emigrants to America and exhorted them to be mindful of the duty of citizenship in their new homes.

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