From England to Germany may be next flight, says de Lesseps

PARIS, June 3, 1910 (UP) -- Count Jacques de Lesseps, one of three men who have

flown across the English channel in an aeroplane, today telegraphed congratulations to Chas. Stewart Rolls, English aviator who yesterday made a round-trip flight over the channel.


"Rolls made a wonderful flight," de Lesseps said. "I am almost envious of him."

Rolls is the first to fly for an hour and a half over the sea and the first man, too, to cross the channel in a bi-plane. He might make the trip without landing in France.

"There is nothing left now in the way of channel aviation," said de Lesseps. "The next thing attempted probably will be a flight across the North sea from England to Germany. Such a feat is altogether feasible."

Louis Bleriot, first of the aerial channel crossers, was not so generous in his comments on Rolls' flight.

"There was nothing sensational about it," he said today. "Rolls' success was due to his motor and the perfect weather. I am working on a two-seat monoplane with moving wings. It will have a much greater speed than my old monoplane. I expect to make some wonderful flights soon. France still holds first rank."


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