Prominent German editor calls for British-German pact

BERLIN, June 25, 1909 (UP) - England as ruler of the seas of the world and Germany as the dominant power in Europe is the plan proposed Friday by Maximilian Harden, editor of Die Zukunft, who became a prominent figure in Germany by his exposure of the immoralities of courtiers that had ingratiated themselves into the kaiser's favor.

In his paper, Harden says the time has come for an Anglo-German pact, whereby Germany will permit England to seize the Kongo Free State and any other distant territories she desires, and will recognize England's mastery of the seas. In return for this, England is to recognize Germany's pre-dominance in Europe and her needs for territorial expansion, permitting her to absorb any other European country she may desire.


Unless some such arrangement is reached, Harden says, war is the only alternative. He says it is absolutely impossible for the two nations, admittedly the most powerful in Europe, to continue their present rivalry.

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