Czar said to plan call for smaller navies

ST. PETERSBURG, June 15, 1909 (UP) - There is excellent authority Tuesday for the statement that the czar, in his forthcoming meetings with several other European rulers, will urge the restriction of future naval armaments.

The purpose of the czar is not humanitarian, but springs from his knowledge that Russia cannot keep pace with the present program of England, Germany and France.


The first of the czar's "conferences" is scheduled to take place Thursday with the kaiser in the gulf of Finland, where the German ruler will be on a cruise on the royal yacht Hohenzollern. Following this Nicholas will pay visits to President Raillieres of France and King Edward.

The czar's advisers are again trying to arrange in addition a meeting with King Victor of Italy, originally abandoned for fear of an attempt on Nicholas' life by anarchists.

Negotiations are also under way for a meeting between the czar and Emperor Franz Josef. The czar will see King Edward at Cowes, where it is believed he can come nearer escaping the hostility of the English people.

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