U.S. gives ocean biggest warship in world

NEWPORT NEWS, Va., Feb. 6, 1909 (UP) - With a bottle of old native Delaware champagne dashed against her towering port bow from the hands of her sponsor, Miss Anne Cahall, the battleship Delaware slid into the James river Saturday. Gov. S.S. Pennewill and staff of Delaware were present.

The Delaware is the biggest and heaviest war vessel that ever made her plunge into any water of the world.


She weighed at launching 1,000 tons more than her sister ship, the North Dakota, launched in November.

The Delaware's measurements are 510 feet between perpendiculars and 518 feet 9 inches over all, with 85 feet beam, trial displacement of 20,000 tons and a draught of 27 feet.

In length she is 10 feet greater than the British Dreadnaught, 500 tons heavier in displacement and one and one-half knots faster in speed.

The Delaware must make 21 knots to be accepted, while the fastest American battleships now in service have made not over 17 knots.

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