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Today is Monday, Feb. 11, the 42nd day of 2002 with 323 to follow. The moon is waning, moving toward its new phase.
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A Blast From The Past

Today is Feb. 11. A young French girl, Bernadette Sourbirous, claimed on this date in 1858 that the Virgin Mary had appeared to her at Lourdes.
PENNY NELSON BARTHOLOMEW, United Press International

U.K. to test-run a national ID card

LONDON, Feb. 6 (UPI) -- Britain moved steps closer to introducing a national identity card designed to beat state welfare fraud and to develop closer tabs on residents as part of a tou
SAJID RIZVI, United Press International

A Blast From The Past

Today is Feb. 11. A young French girl, Bernadette Sourbirous, claimed on this date in 1858 that the Virgin Mary had appeared to her at Lourdes.
PENNY NELSON BARTHOLOMEW, United Press International

Review: I -- Governors and Chancellors

WASHINGTON, Jan. 31 (UPI) -- This is the first part of a six part review and commentary of David Kynaston's "A Club no More" (Chatto and Windus, 30 pounds ($43)), the fourth and final volume of his history of the City of London (the financial district) covering the period 1945-2000.
MARTIN HUTCHINSON, Business and Economics Editor

Argentina confident of securing more aid

WASHINGTON, Jan. 29 (UPI) -- Argentina's economy remains in shambles, but the government should be able to secure between $15 billion and $20 billion in loans from the international community "without any doubt," the country's ambassador to the United States said Tuesday.
SHIHOKO GOTO, UPI Senior Business Correspondent

Commentary: New World Governance?

WASHINGTON, Jan. 25 (UPI) -- Citing Thucydides, Livy, Sun-Tsu, Machiavelli, Hobbes and Winston Churchill, author Robert Kaplan said that to lead the world to a system of international gover

The Almanac

Today is Thursday, Jan. 24, the 24th day of 2002 with 341 to follow.
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The Almanac

Today is Monday, Jan. 14, the 14th day of 2002 with 351 to follow.
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Thinking About Life: Biographies

CAMBRIDGE, England, Dec. 31 (UPI) -- Biographies and autobiographies, as everyone knows, are written accounts of individual lives. Usually the subjects are human beings though some non-human animal

Tragic realism, history and foreign policy

WASHINGTON, Dec. 19 (UPI) -- In 146 B.C. Scipio Africanus the Younger, the Roman conqueror of Carthage, wept when he beheld the burning city, seized with the foreboding that his own county

Analysis: Exchange rates: staying afloat

QUERETARO, Mexico, Dec. 12 (UPI) -- Economists disagree. About exchange rates they disagree especially. You can float it, fix it hard or loose, peg it, or even get rid it of by dollarizing or pooling your currency with that of others, as in the case of the euro. Many choices, and they matte
IAN CAMPBELL, UPI Economics Correspondent

WHITE HOUSE WATCH: A Whiff of Panic?

WASHINGTON, Algeria, Dec. 10 (UPI) -- In Stephen Ambrose's stirring "Band of Brothers," the World War II history from training to victory of a parachute infantry company, the first commander of the
NICHOLAS M. HORROCK, Chief White House Correspondent

Bush lights tree in bittersweet ceremony

WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 (UPI) -- Nearly three months after the worst act of terrorism on U.S. soil, President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush on Thursday joined the survivors and families of vic
KATHY A. GAMBRELL, White House Reporter

Analysis: Arabs lack nationalist urge

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 3 (UPI) -- Before the vast resurgence in American patriotism that followed the Sept. 11 atrocities, nationalism had largely fallen out of fashion among elites in the Weste
STEVE SAILER, UPI National Correspondent
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Winston Churchill
NXP661824-13 FEBRUARY 1997 - MOSCOW, USSR: Statesman Averell Harriman (c) is seen in a 1942 file photo sitting between British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (l) and Soviet strongman Josef Stalin at the Kremlin. Harriman's wife Pamela Harriman who served as the US's ambassador to France was remembered today by President Clinton in a moving ceremeony in Washington, DC. UPI cs/files

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, PC, DL, FRS (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965) was a British politician and statesman known for his leadership of the United Kingdom during the Second World War (WWII). He is widely regarded as one of the great wartime leaders. He served as Prime Minister twice (1940–45 and 1951–55). A noted statesman and orator, Churchill was also an officer in the British Army, a historian, a writer, and an artist. To date, he is the only British prime minister to have received the Nobel Prize in Literature, and he was the first person created an honorary citizen of the United States.

Churchill was born into the aristocratic family of the Dukes of Marlborough. His father, Lord Randolph Churchill, was a charismatic politician who served as Chancellor of the Exchequer; his mother, Jenny Jerome, an American socialite. As a young army officer, he saw action in British India, the Sudan and the Second Boer War. He gained fame as a war correspondent and through books he wrote about his campaigns.

At the forefront of politics for fifty years, he held many political and cabinet positions. Before WWI, he served as President of the Board of Trade, Home Secretary and First Lord of the Admiralty as part of the Asquith Liberal government. During the war, he continued as First Lord of the Admiralty until the disastrous Gallipoli Campaign, which he had sponsored, caused his departure from government. He then served briefly on the Western Front, commanding the 6th Battalion of the Royal Scots Fusiliers. He returned to government as Minister of Munitions, Secretary of State for War, and Secretary of State for Air. After the War, Churchill served as Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Conservative (Baldwin) government of 1924–29, controversially returning the pound sterling in 1925 to the gold standard at its pre-War parity, a move widely seen as creating deflationary pressure on the UK economy. Also controversial were Churchill's opposition to increased home rule for India, and his resistance to the 1936 abdication of Edward VIII.

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