The Bear's Lair: 1776 -- genesis of bubbles

WASHINGTON, July 1 (UPI) -- Investors who have lost their shirts recently in WorldCom, Global Crossing and Enron can, if they want to look for fundamental causes, blame the unhappy decision taken by the Founding Fathers 226 years ago next Thursday.
MARTIN HUTCHINSON, UPI Business and Economics Editor

Review: The incredible shrinking man - II

WASHINGTON, March 6 (UPI) -- This review of "Fighting for Freedom," the third volume of Robert Skidelsky's biography of John Maynard Keynes (Viking, 2001, $34.95) is divided into two parts. In this second part I examine his role in wartime negotiations with the U.S. and in the postw
MARTIN HUTCHINSON, Business and Economics Editor

Actors, agents announce new deal

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 25 (UPI) -- The Screen Actors Guild announced Monday it has reached a tentative agreement with the Association of Talent Agents and the National Association of Talent Repre
PAT NASON, UPI Hollywood Reporter

SAG warns actors against side deals

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 25 (UPI) -- As talks continue on a new basic agreement between actors and talent agents, the Screen Actors Guild has issued an alert to its members to be wary of agents asking them to sign side agreements. The basic agreement between the Screen Actors Guild and the L
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Talent agents straining at the leash

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 22 (UPI) -- In a little discussed but potentially historic turn of events in Hollywood, talks are continuing between actors and talent agents on a new set of rules governing the ways in which agents may represent their clients.

Doctor tried for OxyContin prescriptions

MILTON, Fla., Jan. 14 (UPI) -- Jury selection began Monday in the trial of a Florida Panhandle physician charged with issuing four fatal prescriptions for the pain-killing drug OxyContin.

Cato Appoints New Media Head.

WASHINGTON, Dec. 20 (UPI) -- Joan Kirby has joined the Cato Institute as its new director of media relations. She will oversee a five-member media relations team there.

Heartland -- UPI Arts & Entertainment

NASHVILLE, Dec. 13 (UPI) -- Rare is the country artist who echoes the sentiments of Frank Sinatra, by saying "I did it my way."
DENNIS DAILY, United Press International

Rock News Two: The week in pop music

PENNY NELSON BARTHOLOMEW, United Press International

Rock News: Music's high and low notes

PENNY NELSON BARTHOLOMEW, United Press International
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William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) was an English textile designer, artist, writer, and socialist associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the English Arts and Crafts Movement. He founded a design firm in partnership with the artist Edward Burne-Jones, and the poet and artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti which profoundly influenced the decoration of churches and houses into the early 20th century. He was also a major contributor to reviving traditional textile arts and methods of production, and one of the founders of the SPAB, now a statutory element in the preservation of historic buildings in the UK. Morris wrote and published poetry, fiction, and translations of ancient and medieval texts throughout his life. His best-known works include The Defence of Guenevere and Other Poems (1858), The Earthly Paradise (1868–1870), A Dream of John Ball (1888) and the utopian News from Nowhere (1890). He was an important figure in the emergence of socialism in Britain, founding the Socialist League in 1884, but breaking with that organization over goals and methods by the end of the decade. He devoted much of the rest of his life to the Kelmscott Press, which he founded in 1891. The 1896 Kelmscott edition of the Works of Geoffrey Chaucer is considered a masterpiece of book design.

William Morris was born in Walthamstow on 24 March 1834, the third child and the eldest son of William Morris, a partner in the firm of Sanderson & Co., bill brokers in the City of London. His mother was Emma Morris née Shelton, daughter of Joseph Shelton, a teacher of music in Worcester. As a child Morris was delicate but studious. He learned to read early, and by the time he was four years old he was familiar with most of the Waverley novels. When he was six the family moved to Woodford Hall, where new opportunities for an out-of-door life brought the boy health and vigour. He rode about Epping Forest, sometimes in a toy suit of armour, where he became a close observer of animal nature and was able to recognize any bird upon the wing.

At the same time he continued to read whatever came in his way and was particularly attracted by the stories in the Arabian Nights and by the designs in Gerard's Herbal. He studied with his sisters' governess until he was nine, when he was sent to a school at Walthamstow. In 1842, his sister Isabella was born. She grew to be the churchwoman who oversaw the revival of the Deaconess Order in the Anglican Communion. In his thirteenth year their father died, leaving the family well-to-do. The home at Woodford was broken up, as being unnecessarily large, and in 1848 the family relocated to Water House and William Morris entered Marlborough School, where his father had bought him a nomination. Morris was at the school for three years, but gained little from attending it beyond a taste for architecture, fostered by the school library, and an attraction towards the Anglo-Catholic movement. He made but slow progress in school work and at Christmas 1851 was removed and sent to live as a private pupil with the Rev. F. B. Guy, Assistant Master at Forest School and later Canon of St. Alban's, for a year to prepare him for University. The Forest School archives still contain many items of correspondence from Morris, and the School boasts a Morris stained glass window in the Chapel.

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