A poisoned chalice in Paris

A poisoned chalice in Paris

PARIS, April 7 (UPI) -- There are three answers to the question: what should we expect from the new French government led by the former minister of the interior Manuel Valls.
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UPI Almanac for Monday, March 24, 2014.
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Labor Party firebrand Tony Benn dies at age 88

LONDON, March 14 (UPI) -- Longtime British Labor Party leader and leftish lawmaker Tony Benn died at his home in London after a long illness Friday, his family said. He was 88.

Pressure on British former ministers intensifies in child sex policy

LONDON, March 2 (UPI) -- A former British cabinet minister tried to defend a policy lowering the age of consent in Britain in the 1970s to 10, a letter indicates.

Email reveals Tony Blair advised editor before phone-hacking arrest

LONDON, Feb. 19 (UPI) -- Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair advised the former editor of the News of the World before her arrest in a phone-hacking scandal, a court official says.
Blair: Religious extremism likely to fuel future conflicts

Blair: Religious extremism likely to fuel future conflicts

LONDON, Jan. 28 (UPI) -- Religious extremism, rather than political ideology, will be at the root of the conflicts of the 21st century, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair says.

Abbas 'seeks $1B deal with Russia on Gaza natural gas field

RAMALLAH, West Bank, Jan. 23 (UPI) -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is in Moscow seeking to secure a $1 billion deal with Russia to develop a natural gas field off the Gaza Strip.

Blair turns down citizen's arrest at London steakhouse

LONDON, Jan. 21 (UPI) -- A London steakhouse bartender quit his job after former Prime Minister Tony Blair declined his attempted citizen's arrest for taking Britain to war in Iraq.
Former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon buried next to second wife

Former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon buried next to second wife

JERUSALEM, Jan. 13 (UPI) -- Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was buried on his ranch near the Gaza border Monday in a military sendoff to one of Israel's most controversial leaders.

Ariel Sharon's casket in Knesset Plaza for public viewing

JERUSALEM, Jan. 12 (UPI) -- The coffin of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was placed outside the Knesset Sunday for Israelis to pay their last respects, officials said.
Blair: Education can counter terrorist narrative

Blair: Education can counter terrorist narrative

UNITED NATIONS, Nov. 22 (UPI) -- Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said access to an education is needed to counter dangerous religious narratives spreading across the Middle East.

Ex-Blair adviser says NSA leaks aren't very damaging

LONDON, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- Britain's former lord chancellor said he's skeptical of whether the Edward Snowden leaks have caused the kind of damage intelligence leaders claim.
Myanmar releases 69 political prisoners

Myanmar releases 69 political prisoners

YANGON, Myanmar, Nov. 15 (UPI) -- Myanmar Friday said it has released 69 political prisoners from more than 12 of its prisons nationwide.

Former P.M. John Major: State schools failing poor children

LONDON, Nov. 12 (UPI) -- Former British Prime Minister John Major, in a speech to Conservatives in Norfolk, said bad state schools are keeping poor children from moving ahead.

Friends: Former Ireland PM Bertie Ahern subjected to hate attacks

DUBLIN, Ireland, Nov. 10 (UPI) -- Friends of former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern say he has been the target of abuse in recent weeks, including a physical attack at a Dublin pub.
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Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (born 6 May 1953) is a former British Labour Party politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2 May 1997 to 27 June 2007. He was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sedgefield from 1983 to 2007 and Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007. He resigned from all of these positions in June 2007.

Blair was elected Leader of the Labour Party in the leadership election of July 1994, following the sudden death of his predecessor, John Smith. Under his leadership, the party adopted the term "New Labour" and moved away from its traditional left wing position towards the centre ground. Blair subsequently led Labour to a landslide victory in the 1997 general election. At 43 years old, he became the youngest Prime Minister since Lord Liverpool in 1812. In the first years of the New Labour government, Blair's government implemented a number of 1997 manifesto pledges, introducing the minimum wage, Human Rights Act and Freedom of Information Act, and carrying out devolution, establishing the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales, and the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Blair's role as Prime Minister was particularly visible in foreign and security policy, including in Northern Ireland, where he was involved in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. From the start of the War on Terror in 2001, Blair strongly supported the foreign policy of US President George W. Bush, notably by participating in the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan and 2003 invasion of Iraq. Blair is the Labour Party's longest-serving Prime Minister, the only person to have led the Labour Party to three consecutive general election victories, and the only Labour Prime Minister to serve consecutive terms more than one of which was at least four years long.

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