China to help with U.S. panda mating

China to help with U.S. panda mating

WASHINGTON, Jan. 21 (UPI) -- Chinese experts will tackle fertility problems that have seen the National Zoo's pandas produce only one cub during 10 years in Washington, zoo officials say.
Giant pandas to stay in D.C. 5 more years

Giant pandas to stay in D.C. 5 more years

WASHINGTON, Jan. 20 (UPI) -- The panda couple that has been living in Washington's National Zoo for the past 10 years will remain there for another five, officials say.

Panda gets ultrasound, no fetus yet

WASHINGTON, March 8 (UPI) -- Officials at Washington's National Zoo said female panda Mei Xiang showed no signs of pregnancy during an ultrasound exam Monday but it may be too soon to tell.
National Zoo panda inseminated

National Zoo panda inseminated

WASHINGTON, Jan. 11 (UPI) -- The female panda at Washington's National Zoo was artificially inseminated during the weekend when she entered her once-a-year heat, officials said.

National Zoo seeks bamboo

WASHINGTON, Jan. 14 (UPI) -- The National Zoo in Washington issued a public appeal Wednesday for bamboo after the food supply for the zoo's giant pandas became dangerously low.
D.C. panda shows signs of pregnancy

D.C. panda shows signs of pregnancy

WASHINGTON, June 20 (UPI) -- Officials at Washington's National Zoo say there are signs that one of its beloved pandas might be pregnant.
Pandas mate with help at the National Zoo

Pandas mate with help at the National Zoo

WASHINGTON, March 24 (UPI) -- U.S. veterinarians have artificially inseminated Mei Xiang, a female giant panda at the Smithsonian's National Zoo, after natural mating was unsuccessful.

National Zoo panda not pregnant

WASHINGTON, July 7 (UPI) -- Giant panda Mei Xiiang is not pregnant after all, say veterinarians at the U.S. National Zoo in Washington.

Federation Cup quarterfinals this weekend

CASTELLANETA MARINA, Italy, April 20 (UPI) -- Defending champion Italy opens defense of its Federation Cup title with an at-home series of matches against China.

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Charter plane makes two stops in China

CHENGDU, China, Feb. 26 (UPI) -- The next stop for a United States charter plane, which is carrying its passengers on a 26-day tour of the world, is in China's Tibet Autonomous region.

Washington zoo wants longer panda stay

WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 (UPI) -- Washington's National Zoo is negotiating with China in an attempt to extend the U.S. stay of its popular baby panda, Tai Shan.

Panda tops list for D.C. official symbol

WASHINGTON, May 10 (UPI) -- The Washington city council and mayor are debating which animal should be the District's official symbol -- and the panda is leading the way.

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National Zoo's baby giant panda is a boy

WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 (UPI) -- It's a boy, Washington's National Zoo said Tuesday of its baby giant panda -- a mystery that was solved when mother Mei Xiang left for a bite of bamboo.
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Tian Tian
WAP2000120688 - 06 DECEMBER 2000 - WOLONG, SICHUAN PROVINCE, CHINA: The male giant panda Tian Tian (pronounced t-YEN t-YEN) was born August 27, 1997 at the China Research and Conservation Center for the Giant Panda, Wolong, Sichuan Province. Tian Tian means Òmore and more.Ó rlw/SmithsonianÕs National Zoological Park/Jessie Cohen UPI.

Tian Tian (Chinese 添添 "More and More") is a 275-pound male giant panda at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C. The panda was born on August 27, 1997, at the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda at the Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan Province, to Yong Ba (mother) and Pan Pan (father). Tian Tian is the half-brother of the San Diego Zoo's Bai Yun. Tian Tian's mate Mei Xiang gave birth to a male cub, Tai Shan, on July 9, 2005.

Giant pandas are thought to be solitary creatures, except for mating season and mothers with young cubs. In keeping with the habits of wild pandas, Tian is generally alone, although Mei and Tian are occasionally together outside of breeding season. While Tian and Tai have seen each other through a mesh-opening in the fence and are aware of each other's presence through scent marking, they will likely never be introduced into the same yard, as male Giant Pandas play no part in raising their young in the wild. Tian Tian is quite restless at times, and is known to be impatient if he does not get enough toffee apples. Tian and Mei are trained to participate in a full medical examination, including a blood draw, without anesthesia.

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