U.S. judge allows California to force feed hunger-striking inmates

SACRAMENTO, Aug. 20 (UPI) -- U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson issued a court order saying California corrections officers may force feed hunger-striking inmates to keep them alive.

Judge orders inmates moved from two Calif. prisons with valley fever

SACRAMENTO, June 25 (UPI) -- A federal judge ordered California to move inmates at risk of contracting valley fever from two prisons verified as hosting the deadly fungus.

Sex offenders keep right to privacy online

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 15 (UPI) -- A federal judge ruled that California's new human-trafficking law imposes unconstitutional penalties on sex offenders, officials said.

Oakland, Calif., agrees to police monitor

OAKLAND, Calif., Dec. 14 (UPI) -- Oakland, Calif., has agreed to a compliance monitor for the Police Department to settle a long-running police suit.

Intruders disrupt Seattle Occupy marches

SEATTLE, May 2 (UPI) -- Black-clad intruders disrupted peaceful Occupy movement marches in Seattle, smashing windows, spray-painting cars and slashing tires, witnesses and police said.

California prison receiver wants $8B

SACRAMENTO, Aug. 13 (UPI) -- The court-appointed overseer of the California prison healthcare system Wednesday asked a federal judge to give the prison medical system $8 billion.

California prisons told to pay doctors

SACRAMENTO, March 30 (UPI) -- A federal judge ruled Thursday that California's Bureau of Prisons must pay millions of dollars owed to doctors who treat inmates.

U.S. takes over Calif. prison healthcare

SAN FRANCISCO, July 1 (UPI) -- California officials say they plan to cooperate with a federal order to transfer control of healthcare in state prisons to a receiver.

San Quentin a 'refugee camp'

SACRAMENTO, April 14 (UPI) -- A court-appointed group of medical experts declared California's San Quentin prison a "decrepit" facility that poses a major risk to public health.

Judge questions Calif. prison guard pact

LOS ANGELES, July 20 (UPI) -- A federal judge has threatened to place California's prison system under court control because of a contract deal between the guards' union and the governor.
Thelton Henderson
Stuart Gaffney (L), John Lewis (C) and Judge Thelton Henderson descend the steps of City Hall after Gaffney and Lewis were married in San Francisco on June 17, 2008. The two were the plaintiffs in the lawsuit that legalized gay marriage in California. (UPI Photo/Terry Schmitt)

Thelton Eugene Henderson (born 1933, Shreveport, Louisiana) is currently a federal judge in the Northern District of California. He has played an important role in the field of civil rights as a lawyer, educator, and jurist.

Henderson received both his undergraduate and law degrees from University of California, Berkeley. In 1962, he became the Justice Department's first African-American lawyer in the Civil Rights Division. He was sent to the South to monitor local law enforcement for any civil rights abuses, a role that included investigating the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church which killed four girls. In this capacity he became acquainted with Martin Luther King and other leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, after winning over their initial skepticism of a government attorney.

After a stint in private practice, he served as director of a legal aid center in East Palo Alto, California. In 1969, he became assistant dean at Stanford Law School, where he established the minority recruiting program and helped diversify the student body, and assisted in creating Stanford's clinical program. During this time, he also served as consultant to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Office of Economic Opportunity, Carnegie Corporation, and Ford Foundation. In 1977, he left Stanford to form a law firm which specialized in civil rights, civil liberties and other issues of constitutional law, and also was a law professor at Golden Gate University.

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