Anne Frank's 'Diary of a Young Girl' defaced in Tokyo libraries

TOKYO, Feb. 21 (UPI) -- Hundreds of copies of Anne Frank's "Diary of a Young Girl" and other books were vandalized in libraries across Tokyo, library officials said Friday.

EU anti-racism agency drops definition of anti-Semitism

BRUSSELS, Dec. 5 (UPI) -- The European Union's Fundamental Rights Agency has removed the definition of anti-Semitism from its website.

Foreign minister says Norway won't ban circumcision

OSLO, Norway, Nov. 26 (UPI) -- Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende said the country will not ban circumcisions on boys under 18 despite legislation the health minister has proposed.

Awareness campaign leads to redoubled Nazi hunting effort

BERLIN, Nov. 25 (UPI) -- A public awareness campaign has netted 300 tips on potential Nazi war criminals and four investigations in Germany have been opened, officials said.

Alleged former death camp guard, 93, charged in Germany

STUTTGART, Germany, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- A 93-year-old man accused of being a former guard at the Auschwitz death camp during World War II was charged with murder, German prosecutors said Thursday.

Suspected Nazi guard disappears years after deportation order

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 26 (UPI) -- U.S. officials said they're not sure where an aging accused Nazi concentration camp guard is living after he was ordered deported more than 13 years ago.

German cartoon shows Netanyahu poisoning peace

BERLIN, Aug. 8 (UPI) -- The Israeli Embassy in Berlin protested a cartoon suggesting Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is poisoning the Middle East peace process.

Japanese deputy PM retracts Nazi comment

TOKYO, Aug. 1 (UPI) -- Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso said Thursday that he retracts his comment that Japan can learn from the way Nazis changed Germany's constitution.

Wiesenthal Center launches new effort to try Nazi war criminals

JERUSALEM, July 23 (UPI) -- The Simon Wiesenthal Center launched a new effort Tuesday to bring Nazi war criminals to justice in Germany, calling it Operation Last Chance II.

German newspaper depicts Israel as monster

BERLIN, July 3 (UPI) -- The Simon Wiesenthal Center blasted a German daily for publishing a cartoon depicting Israel as a hungry beast devouring German military weapons.

Wiesenthal Center wants U.S. to investigate alleged former Nazi

LOS ANGELES, June 18 (UPI) -- The Simon Wiesenthal Center called on the U.S. Justice Department to investigate Michael Karkoc, a suspected former Nazi living in Minnesota.

93-year-old suspected Nazi guard arrested in Germany

BERLIN, May 6 (UPI) -- A 93-year-old German man was arrested Monday, suspected of committing war crimes while a Nazi death camp guard during World War II.
Egypt news official: Holocaust a U.S. hoax

Egypt news official: Holocaust a U.S. hoax

CAIRO, Jan. 30 (UPI) -- The Holocaust was a U.S. intelligence hoax and the 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis actually moved to the United States, an Egyptian state news official said.

Warsaw Hitler statue controversial

WARSAW, Poland, Dec. 30 (UPI) -- A Warsaw statue depicting a praying Hitler is valuable in that it shows how evil may be disguised as a "sweet, praying child," Poland's chief rabbi said.

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Simon Wiesenthal
Elizabeth Taylor, with husband Sen. John Warner (R-VA) (2nd R), traveled to Hollywood on December 12, 1980, to receive the first Simon Wiesenthal Humanitarian Laureate Award. Simon Wiesenthal (L) flew in from Vienna to help honor the actress for the work she has done for Jewish causes. Joining Miss Taylor and Sen. Warner for photo session is Ben Vereen (R). (UPI Photo/Glenn Waggner/FILE).

Simon Wiesenthal, KBE (December 31, 1908 – September 20, 2005) was an Austrian-Jewish architectural engineer and Holocaust survivor who became famous after World War II for his work as a Nazi hunter who pursued Nazi war criminals in an effort to bring them to justice.

Following four and a half years in the German concentration camps such as Janowska, Plaszow, and Mauthausen during World War II, Wiesenthal dedicated most of his life to tracking down and gathering information on fugitive Nazis so that they could be brought to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity. In 1947, he co-founded the Jewish Historical Documentation Center in Linz, Austria, in order to gather information for future war crime trials. Later he opened Jewish Documentation Center in Vienna. Wiesenthal wrote The Sunflower, which describes a life-changing event he experienced when he was in the camp.

A biography by Guy Walters asserts that many of Wiesenthal's claims regarding his education, wartime experiences and Nazi hunting exploits are false or exaggerated. Walters calls Wiesenthal’s claims "an illusion mounted for a good cause". It is difficult to establish a reliable narrative of Wiesenthal’s life due to the inconsistencies between his three memoirs which are in turn all contradicted by contemporary records. It is partly thanks to Wiesenthal that the Holocaust has been remembered and properly documented.

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