Ruling: dog helps woman's depression

DETROIT, Aug. 10 (UPI) -- A Detroit woman, who said her dog, Max, helps her battle chronic depression, has won her day in court and may keep her Shih Tzu.

Fla. retirees set golf cart record

TIMBER PINES, Fla., March 16 (UPI) -- Residents of a Florida retirement community are hoping their three-mile golf cart parade makes it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Survey: more chihuahuas in Spanish Harlem

NEW YORK, Oct. 24 (UPI) -- A New York Times survey of dog licenses shows most Chihuahuas live in Spanish Harlem while the majority of Shih Tzus live on the Upper East Side.

Animal Health: Preparing a dog for summer

The bulbs are blooming, the grass is growing and the shedding of your dog's winter undercoat means it is time to get ready for summer.
ALEX CUKAN, United Press International

Animal Tales: Products for pampered pets

Decades ago it was a rawhide bone, catnip toy and some perches, but since then pet products have boomed into a $31 billion industry and pet owners can buy everything from cologne to a Burberry raincoat.
ALEX CUKAN, United Press International

Jockstrip: The world as we know it

The controversial Republican Secretary of State Katherine Harris -- embroiled in the Florida vote counting fiasco during the 2000 presidential elections, quickly resigned this week when she found out she was violating the very election laws she was entrus
ELLEN BECK, United Press International
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