Disappearing act: U.S. banks drop under 7,000

WASHINGTON, Dec. 3 (UPI) -- The number of U.S banks has dropped to numbers unseen since the days of the Great Depression, a federal regulator said.
Another foreclosure mess

Another foreclosure mess

In the mid 1980s in a one-horse town in upstate New York, the government, with good reasoning, decided to build an addition to the Interstate highways system.
ANTHONY HALL, United Press International

Fed urged to go slow on debit fee changes

WASHINGTON, Feb. 18 (UPI) -- The head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. asked regulators Thursday to proceed carefully with limits on debit card fees.

FDIC head: 'Shadow banks' need regulation

WASHINGTON, Jan. 15 (UPI) -- Regulators and the market failed to control the "shadow banking system," Sheila Bair, head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., said in Washington.
Panel hears from Bair and Holder

Panel hears from Bair and Holder

WASHINGTON, Jan. 14 (UPI) -- The chairwoman of the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. told a congressional panel Thursday financial reforms needed to consider national priorities.
FDIC explores risk-related fee policy

FDIC explores risk-related fee policy

WASHINGTON, Jan. 12 (UPI) -- The U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said it would seek public input on a plan to have bank fees reflect risk-taking built into bank pay policies.
Bair counters Treasury reform package

Bair counters Treasury reform package

WASHINGTON, Oct. 29 (UPI) -- Sheila Bair, chairwoman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., told House committee members she disagreed with key points of a Treasury reform initiative.

FDIC sets purchase rules for equity firms

WASHINGTON, Aug. 26 (UPI) -- Private equity firms seeking to buy failed banks will need to partner with existing banks to avoid tough requirements, U.S. regulators decided Wednesday.
Sec. Geithner testifies before House panel

Sec. Geithner testifies before House panel

WASHINGTON, July 24 (UPI) -- Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner took the debate on how to overhaul U.S. financial regulation to Capitol Hill as he testified Friday before a House panel.

FDIC: Banks 'not out of woods yet'

WASHINGTON, May 27 (UPI) -- The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s list of banks in trouble grew from 252 to 305 in the first quarter, the federal regulator said Wednesday.

Blair: Some bank leaders' jobs on the line

WASHINGTON, May 15 (UPI) -- Sheila Bair, head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., said chief executives at some U.S. banks that received bailouts will be sacked in the coming months.

FDIC fund slips amid bank failures

WASHINGTON, Feb. 26 (UPI) -- The federal insurance fund that guarantees the security of U.S. bank deposits is being drained by the rise in financial institution failures, officials said.

U.S. again considering 'toxic asset' buy

WASHINGTON, Jan. 17 (UPI) -- U.S. economic officials say they are exploring creating a government-backed "bad bank" to take "toxic" assets off the books of private institutions.
Homeowner relief critical, Bair says

Homeowner relief critical, Bair says

WASHINGTON, Nov. 18 (UPI) -- The chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Sheila Bair, told members of Congress U.S mortgage foreclosures continue to undermine economic recovery.
Mortgage plan falls short, Bair says

Mortgage plan falls short, Bair says

WASHINGTON, Nov. 12 (UPI) -- Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. chairman Sheila Bair said the U.S. Treasury's mortgage modification program unveiled Tuesday does not go far enough.
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Sheila Bair
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Chairwoman Sheila Bair testifies before the House Financial Services Committee about housing foreclosures on Capitol Hill in Washington, on September 17, 2008. (UPI Photo/Roger L. Wollenberg)

Sheila Colleen Bair (born April 3, 1954) is the Chairman of the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). She was appointed to the post for a five-year term on June 26, 2006 by George W. Bush. Bair will also serve as a member of the FDIC Board of Directors through July 2013.

Bair is a native of Independence, Kansas. Her father, Albert, was a surgeon. Her mother, Clara, was a nurse and a homemaker. She received her bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Kansas, and worked as a bank teller for a brief period, before receiving a J.D. from the University of Kansas School of Law in 1978. In 1981, she was recruited by Senator Bob Dole, a Republican from her state, to serve as counsel on his staff in Washington.

Prior to her appointment at the FDIC, Bair was the Dean's Professor of Financial Regulatory Policy for the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a post she had held since 2002. She also served as Assistant Secretary for Financial Institutions at the U.S. Department of the Treasury (2001 to 2002), Senior Vice President for Government Relations of the New York Stock Exchange (1995 to 2000), a Commissioner and Acting Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (1991 to 1995), and Research Director, Deputy Counsel and Counsel to Kansas Republican Senate Majority Leader Robert Dole (1981 to 1988). While an academic, Bair also served on the FDIC's Advisory Committee on Banking Policy. Bair also pursued a seat in the U.S. Congress (she lost the 1990 Republican nomination in the 5th Kansas district by 760 votes to Dick Nichols). Bair began her career in the General Counsel's office of the former US Department of Health, Education and Welfare.

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