Spring snowstorm wallops Edmonton

EDMONTON, Alberta, April 5 (UPI) -- High winds and as much as 5 inches of heavy, wet snow hit Edmonton, Alberta, Thursday in a spring storm that also caused power outages, officials said.

State stimulus money comes with strings

WASHINGTON, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- Much of the $200 billion flowing from the U.S. government to the states under the stimulus bill comes with strings attached.

State shortfalls rise during slowdown

WASHINGTON, Nov. 17 (UPI) -- Budget shortfalls are looming larger in several U.S. states as the year draws to a close and revenues drop with the economic slowdown, officials said.

States see tax revenues rolling in

WASHINGTON, Nov. 25 (UPI) -- Many states from New York to California are enjoying a fiscal comeback, with tax receipts up sharply after a series of lean years.

New state taxes bloom with July's start

NEW YORK, July 1 (UPI) -- The first day of July marks a new fiscal year for 46 U.S. states, with some new taxes coming into effect and lots of spending planned, USA Today said Thursday.

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