Syrian clashes kill at least 10

Syrian clashes kill at least 10

DAMASCUS, Syria, Sept. 30 (UPI) -- Clashes between pro- and anti-government groups in Rastan, Syria, killed soldiers, police officers and civilians, the country's state news agency reported.

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Syria needs monitors, U.S. says

DAMASCUS, Syria, Sept. 29 (UPI) -- There must be international monitors in Syria to get a firsthand look at the violence unfolding in the country, the U.S. State Department said.

Ford: Support for Syrian protesters a must

WASHINGTON, Aug. 7 (UPI) -- The U.S. Ambassador to Syria said Sunday he "doesn't particularly" care if he's considered an enemy of the state for his talks with anti-government protesters.

Washington defends envoy to Damascus

WASHINGTON, June 28 (UPI) -- Washington believes the U.S. ambassador to Damascus is doing useful work in the country, a State Department official said amid growing protest.

Move to recall U.S. envoy to Syria emerges

DAMASCUS, Syria, June 27 (UPI) -- The presence of a U.S. ambassador to Syria in that country is used as fodder by a brutal regime, a U.S. lawmaker said Monday while urging his recall.

U.S. envoy Syria to report for duty

WASHINGTON, Jan. 14 (UPI) -- U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford is undergoing consultations in Washington before he leaves Saturday for duty in Syria, the U.S. State Department said.

Obama appoints envoy to Damascus

WASHINGTON, Dec. 30 (UPI) -- Career diplomat and former Iraq point man Robert Ford was named in a recess appointment as the U.S. envoy to Damascus, the White House announced.
Clinton defends engaging Syria

Clinton defends engaging Syria

WASHINGTON, Nov. 12 (UPI) -- Washington is engaging Syria in the hopes that it will advance U.S. interests in the Middle East, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday.

GOP opposes U.S. envoy to Damascus

WASHINGTON, May 18 (UPI) -- U.S. Republican lawmakers protested the nomination for Robert Ford as the next U.S. envoy to Syria in part because of Hezbollah and Scud missile concerns.
U.S. debates envoy to Syria

U.S. debates envoy to Syria

WASHINGTON, March 16 (UPI) -- Appointing a U.S. envoy to Damascus is a delicate issue, though declining is rarely in the best interest of U.S. policy, lawmakers said Tuesday in Washington.

Hearing set for U.S. envoy to Syria

WASHINGTON, March 12 (UPI) -- U.S. lawmakers scheduled a Tuesday confirmation hearing for the appointment of diplomat Robert Ford as the U.S. envoy to Damascus, officials said.

Opposition raised to U.S. envoy to Syria

JERUSALEM, Feb. 22 (UPI) -- A decision to appoint a U.S. envoy to Damascus after more than five years is the result of a mistaken assessment of Syrian behavior, a U.S. lawmaker said.

U.S.-Syrian ties on the mend

DAMASCUS, Syria, Feb. 17 (UPI) -- The White House announced Wednesday the appointment of Robert Ford as the first U.S. envoy to Damascus since U.S. President George W. Bush broke ties in 2005.

Obama taps first envoy to Syria in 5 years

WASHINGTON, Feb. 17 (UPI) -- U.S. President Barack Obama nominated veteran diplomat Robert Ford to be the U.S. envoy to Syria, ending a five-year ambassadorial absence from the country.

Freestyle swim champ Ford dies at 84

SARASOTA, Fla., Nov. 17 (UPI) -- U.S. freestyle swimming champion Alan Ford, who broke Johnny Weissmuller's 100-yard record in 1942, has died in Sarasota, Fla., at age 84, his son said.
Paramount acquires rights to 2 bestsellers

Paramount acquires rights to 2 bestsellers

HOLLYWOOD, May 2 (UPI) -- Hollywood's Paramount Pictures said it has purchased the screen rights to two current New York Times non-fiction bestsellers.

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Casey Affleck: Being a father is the best

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 5 (UPI) -- Hollywood actor and freshly minted Oscar nominee Casey Affleck said being the father of two is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Affleck, Holbrook make Oscar race

BEVERLY HILLS , Calif., Jan. 22 (UPI) -- Casey Affleck, Javier Bardem, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Hal Holbrook and Tom Wilkinson are in the running for Hollywood's best supporting actor Oscar.

Affleck, Phoenix welcome second son

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 15 (UPI) -- Hollywood actor Casey Affleck has announced on his Web site that he and his wife Summer Phoenix, Joaquin's sister, have welcomed a second child.
'Blood' takes national critics prize

'Blood' takes national critics prize

NEW YORK, Jan. 5 (UPI) -- The National Society of Film Critics Saturday named "There Will Be Blood" best picture of 2007 in ceremonies in New York.

NBR names 'No Country' best film

NEW YORK, Dec. 5 (UPI) -- The National Board of Review Wednesday named "No Country for Old Men" best film of 2007, the organization announced in New York.

Travolta wins supporting actor prize

HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 25 (UPI) -- Organizers of the Hollywood Film Festival have named John Travolta the recipient of its Hollywood Supporting Actor of the Year Award.

Pitt related to notorious Dalton gang

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19 (UPI) -- A descendent of notorious outlaw Jesse James claims actor Brad Pitt is related to the Dalton Gang which robbed its way across the U.S. west a century ago.
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