UPI Horse Racing Roundup

UPI Horse Racing Roundup

Game On Dude was off his game, a hockey coach had a tough weekend on and off the track and injury will keep a potential favorite out of the Kentucky Derby.
Robert Kieckhefer, UPI Racing Writer

3 dead after plane crashes outside Amarillo, Texas

AMARILLO, Texas, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- A small plane that disappeared early Monday was discovered after it crashed east of Amarillo, Texas, authorities said. Three people were killed in the crash.

Plains residents brace for another storm

WICHITA, Kan., Feb. 25 (UPI) -- A blizzard packing 50 mph winds whipped the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles Monday, closing road, schools and businesses.

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Report: 2003 Columbia crash not survivable

HOUSTON, Dec. 30 (UPI) -- The crew aboard the space shuttle Columbia could not have survived its re-entry accident in 2003, a U.S. space agency report released Tuesday indicated.
NASA to televise Columbia remembrance

NASA to televise Columbia remembrance

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., Jan. 16 (UPI) -- The U.S. space agency will televise the Astronauts Memorial Foundation's remembrance service honoring space shuttle Columbia's STS-107 crew.

Blowing snow turns highways dangerous

CHICAGO, Dec. 22 (UPI) -- Blowing snow turned highways treacherous Saturday in the central United States with chain-reaction crashes killing two people in Texas and Kansas.

Fourth shuttle spacewalk not needed

JOHNSON SPACE CENTER, Texas, Aug. 4 (UPI) -- A fourth space walk to fix a thermal blanket near shuttle Discovery's left window will not be needed, the crew was told by Mission Control in Houston Thursday.

Lady Luck watches over Mars rovers

WASHINGTON, Feb. 21 (UPI) -- The spectacular success of NASA's twin Mars rovers is due obviously to the skills and determination of the scientists and engineers involved in the mission, but luck also contributed to an amazing degree.
PHIL BERARDELLI, Science & Technology Editor

Columbia commander's wife concerned

DALLAS, Feb. 1 (UPI) -- The widow of the Columbia commander is concerned NASA may be pushing too hard to return a shuttle to space by early June.

Tennis ball-size hail racks Texas city

AMARILLO, Texas, June 22 (UPI) -- A shattering night of tennis-ball size hail in Amarillo, Texas, has left scores of broken windows, skylights and car windshields across the city.

Mars features to be named for shuttle crew

WASHINGTON, Feb. 3 (UPI) -- Seven hills on Mars will be named for the members of the last crew of the space shuttle Columbia, NASA announced Tuesday.

Shuttle crew was told about debris

WASHINGTON, July 1 (UPI) -- The astronauts on Columbia learned debris had hit the shuttle's wing only because someone was worried a reporter would ask a question.

Video shows calm crew preparing to land

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., Feb. 28 (UPI) -- Less than 10 minutes before their deaths, the astronauts aboard shuttle Columbia chatted breezily as they checked their spacesuits, put on their gloves and marveled at the flashes of light outside their windows as the spaceship encountered Earth's atmosph

Bush: Columbia astronauts fulfilled dream

SPACE CENTER, HOUSTON, Texas, Feb. 4 (UPI) -- President George W. Bush paid tribute here Tuesday to the seven Columbia space shuttle astronauts killed as they attempted to return to Earth, saying they represented the human quest of discovery and exploration of the heavens.
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Rick Husband
KSP2003011601 - KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Florida, Jan 16 (UPI) - The seven member crew of STS107, commanded by Col. Rick Husband (front), depart the Operations and Checkout Building at 7:24 am on Jan 16. This shuttle mission is dedicated to scientific research and is scheduled to last for 16 days. Marino / Cantrell

Richard Douglas "Rick" Husband (July 12, 1957 – February 1, 2003) was an astronaut and the space shuttle commander of STS-107 (Columbia) who was killed when the craft disintegrated after reentry into the Earth's atmosphere. Husband is a recipient of the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

Husband was born in Amarillo, Texas. He attended Belmar Elementary, Crockett Junior High School, and he graduated from Amarillo High School in 1975. Husband received a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Texas Tech University in 1980, and a master of science degree also in mechanical engineering from California State University, Fresno in 1990. His wife Evelyn details her Christian life with Rick and his struggles to fulfill his lifelong dream to become an astronaut in the 2004 book High Calling: The Courageous Life and Faith of Space Shuttle Columbia Commander Rick Husband by Evelyn Husband and co-written by Donna VanLiere. The Husbands have two children, a daughter Laura and a son Matthew. Evelyn remarried Bill Thompson in January 2008 and was the keynote speaker for the memorial ceremony at the Astronaut Memorial "Space Mirror" at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, five years after the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy. (Source-Florida Today, February 1, 2008)

After graduating from Texas Tech University, Husband was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force and attended pilot training at Vance Air Force Base (AFB) in Oklahoma. He finished his training there in October 1981, and was assigned to F-4 Phantom II training at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida. After completion of F-4 training in September 1982, Husband was assigned to Moody Air Force Base in Georgia flying the F-4E. From September to November 1985, he attended F-4 Instructor School at Homestead AFB and was assigned as an F-4E instructor pilot and academic instructor at George AFB, California in December 1985.

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