Attacks on elderly lead to N.Y. manhunt

NEW YORK, March 11 (UPI) -- New York police responded to a pair of violent muggings of two elderly women by launching a citywide manhunt for the suspect. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told the New York Post city officials are doing everything they can to catch the man who attacked t

Pot-spiked meatballs sideline NYPD cop

NEW YORK, Nov. 4 (UPI) -- A New York anti-terrorism detective was unceremoniously booted from the force after his wife spiked his meatballs with pot so he would fail a drug test.

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NYPD commissioner receives French honor

NEW YORK, Sept. 10 (UPI) -- New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly didn't even have to leave the Big Apple to be made a member of the French Legion of Honor.

Book questions Giuliani's Sept. 11 heroism

NEW YORK, Aug. 23 (UPI) -- Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been depicted as a hero of Sept. 11, 2001, but a new book claims he ignored warnings and bungled the response.

'World Trade Center' film premiere

NEW YORK, Aug. 4 (UPI) -- The premiere of Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" film brought together real-life heroes from Sept. 11 and the actors who portrayed them in the film.

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NYPD tests vests for plainclothes

NEW YORK, July 17 (UPI) -- The New York Police Department has begun field trials on bulletproof vests designed specifically for detectives wearing suits.

NYPD warns on cell phone guns

NEW YORK, May 18 (UPI) -- The New York Police Department has issued a warning to officers to watch for secret .22-caliber guns that look like cell phones.

NYC man held for dismembering boss

NEW YORK, May 11 (UPI) -- New York police say a man was attacked by his roommate, a disgruntled employee, killed with a hammer and then hacked into seven pieces. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Wilfredo Pintos, 36, was struck on the head with a hammer in the apartment he shared

NYPD senior cop accused of religious slurs

NEW YORK, April 6 (UPI) -- New York City's highest ranking uniformed police officer has been accused of shouting religious slurs at a street riot involving Hasidic Jews.

New York's top cop sounds off on Rhymes

NEW YORK, Feb. 16 (UPI) -- New York's police commissioner is running out of patience with rapper Busta Rhymes, who is refusing to help in the investigation of his bodyguard's slaying.

Cardinals call for sacrifice, focus on God

NEW YORK, Dec. 25 (UPI) -- Roman Catholic cardinals celebrated midnight mass in several U.S. cities calling on the faithful to focus on God to see them through troubled times.

NYC terror threat may have been hoax

NEW YORK, Oct. 11 (UPI) -- The informant who set off a terrorism alert in New York City may have been fabricating information in hopes of a reward.

Subway terror suspect sought in U.S.

NEW YORK, Oct. 9 (UPI) -- Officials are investigating whether an alleged New York terror suspect is in the United States, a police official said Sunday in a broadcast interview.

New York steps up transit security

NEW YORK, Oct. 6 (UPI) -- New York officials are stepping up security on the city's mass transit system due to what officials called a specific threat of a bombing on the subway.

N.Y. yanks unauthorized surveillance test

NEW YORK, Sept. 28 (UPI) -- New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly pulled the plug on subway surveillance cameras hours after they went live, saying transit police failed to get his OK.

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New York cops launch podcasting project

NEW YORK, Sept. 15 (UPI) -- The New York City police department has added a modern touch to communications with the public, making information available for iPod users.

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NYPD boozers to get surprise tests ... N.J. police raid suspects' former home ... Parking lot speed trap riles Mormons ... The world as we know it from UPI.
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NYPD boozers to get surprise tests

NEW YORK, May 11 (UPI) -- New York City's police commissioner has decreed police officers with histories of alcohol abuse must face surprise breath tests at least four times a year.

NY seizes $12 mil in fake-label goods

NEW YORK, Dec. 22 (UPI) -- New York police used basic intelligence by following tour buses to seize a record $12 million in counterfeit designer-label clothing.

NYC cops win best-dressed award

NEW YORK, Sept. 22 (UPI) -- New York City's police force has taken top honors in this year's contest for best-dressed cops among big U.S. city forces.

Mag: al-Qaida might hit elsewhere

NEW YORK, Aug. 29 (UPI) -- Experts cited by the National Journal magazine Sunday said al-Qaida would hit something besides the GOP convention if they strike in New York City.

New York St. Pat's parade goes dry

NEW YORK, March 17 (UPI) -- New York City's 243rd annual celebration of St. Patrick's Day began in typical fashion Wednesday with a huge parade, but public drinking was banned.
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