Top al Qaida leader captured

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 (UPI) -- A senior leader of the al Qaida terrorist network was being questioned Thursday by U.S. officials following his capture earlier this month at an undisclosed ove

Top al Qaida leader reportedly captured

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 (UPI) -- A senior al Qaida leader believed responsible for the attack in Yemen on the USS Cole in October, 2000 has been captured and is being interrogated by U.S. officials, news reports said on Thursday. The place of capture and detention of Abd al Rahim al Nash
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Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri (Arabic: عبد الرحيم النشيري‎) is one of the aliases of the suspected Saudi al-Qaeda member Abdul-Rahim Hussein Muhammad 'Abdu (عبد الرحيم حسين محمد عبده). Other aliases include Mullah Bilal, Mohammed Omar al-Harazi, and Abdul Rahman Hussein al-Nashari. He is alleged to be the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing and other terrorist attacks, who headed al-Qaeda operations in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf states prior to his capture in November of 2002 by the CIA's Special Activities Division.

On February 6, 2008, the CIA director General Michael Hayden confirmed that the CIA had used waterboarding on al-Nashiri, along with two other prisoners, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Abu Zubayda.

In December 2008, he was charged before a Guantanamo Military Commission. The charges were dropped in February 2009 pending the Obama administration's review of all Guantánamo detentions, but may be refiled.

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