Gary Glitter arrested in Savile case

LONDON, Oct. 28 (UPI) -- Police in London have arrested pop star Gary Glitter on suspicion of sex offenses related to the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, the BBC reported.

Officials: Glitter free to travel overseas

LONDON, Aug. 24 (UPI) -- Ex-pop star Gary Glitter, free after serving time for sex offenses in Vietnam, can travel overseas without police permission, officials in Britain say.

Glitter denied entry to Hong Kong

BANGKOK, Aug. 20 (UPI) -- Former British rock star and convicted child abuser Gary Glitter, released from a Vietnamese jail, has been denied entry to Hong Kong, officials said.

Gary Glitter set to return to England

LONDON, Aug. 14 (UPI) -- Gary Glitter's attorney says the pop singer, who spent three years behind bars for lewdness with children in Vietnam, plans to return to England next week.

Glammer Glitter has sentence reduced

HANOI, Vietnam, Feb. 7 (UPI) -- Glam rocker Gary Glitter received a three-month reduction in his three-year child molestation sentence in Vietnam.

Gary Glitter could be released early

THU DUC, Vietnam, Jan. 10 (UPI) -- Rock singer Gary Glitter may be released early from a three-year sentence he received in March 2006 for molesting two girls in Thailand. Glitter, 62, whose real name is Paul Gadd, may have time taken off of his sentence for good behavior, a measure that c

Glitter says he will win sex abuse appeal

VUNG TAU, Vietnam, May 2 (UPI) -- British glam rocker Gary Glitter says he is confident he will win the appeal of his child sexual abuse conviction in Vietnam.

Ad campaign invoking Glitter is pulled

LONDON, March 15 (UPI) -- A British online ticket agent has pulled an ad campaign that invoked the name of convicted child sex offender Gary Glitter to sell children's theater tickets.

Glitter convicted, sentenced for sex abuse

VUNG TAU, Vietnam, March 3 (UPI) -- Former British glam rocker Gary Glitter was convicted Friday of sexually abusing two young girls and sentenced to three years in a Vietnamese prison.

Gary Glitter denies abuse in court

VUNG TAU, Vietnam, March 2 (UPI) -- British rocker Gary Glitter denied sexually abusing two young Vietnamese girls during the first day of his trial in Vung Tau.

Glitter may face child sex charges at home

LONDON, Feb. 19 (UPI) -- British glam rocker Gary Glitter could face charges back home if he is not punished for abusing two girls in Vietnam.

Gary Glitter formally charged in Vietnam

VUNG TAU, Vietnam, Jan. 6 (UPI) -- Formal charges of committing obscene acts with children have been filed in Vietnam against British glam rocker Gary Glitter.

Convicted Glitter stays on in Cambodia

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, July 14 (UPI) -- Rock star Gary Glitter, convicted of child pornography in Britain, has reportedly escaped deportation from Cambodia because of a lack of evidence.

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Paul Francis Gadd (born 8 May 1944) is an English glam rock singer and songwriter, better known by his stage name Gary Glitter.

Glitter first came to prominence in the glam rock era of the early 1970s. He had one of the longest chart runs of any solo singer in the UK during the 1970s, with a string of chart hits including "Rock and Roll parts 1 & 2", "I Love You Love Me Love", "I'm the Leader of the Gang (I Am)" and "Hello, Hello, I'm Back Again". Between 1972 and 1995 Glitter charted twenty-six hit singles which spent a total of 180 weeks in the UK Top 100. His success as a live performer lasted well beyond the decade. He continued to record in the 1980s and 1990s, with his 1984 song "Another Rock N' Roll Christmas" being one of the Top 30 Christmas hits of all time. He released seven studio albums, and at least 15 greatest hits collections or live albums. In 1998, his recording of "Rock and Roll" was listed as one of the "Top 1001 songs in music history."

In 1999, Glitter returned to the public eye when he was sentenced to four months imprisonment and listed as a sex offender in the UK following conviction for downloading thousands of items of child pornography. His reputation was greatly tarnished, and, though he continued releasing new music, Glitter's popularity declined sharply. He moved to Cambodia but was permanently deported from there in 2002 for suspected child sexual abuse, to Vung Tau in Vietnam. In 2005, he was arrested by Vietnamese authorities, was tried and convicted of child sexual abuse charges in June. He was released from prison on 19 August 2008 and returned to London three days later, after being refused entry into Thailand and Hong Kong.

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