HBO to air Congo documentary

HBO to air Congo documentary

NEW YORK, Jan. 19 (UPI) -- HBO says it plans to air "Reporter," a documentary Ben Affleck and Steve Cantor executive produced about the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo.
Dalai Lama gesture attacked

Dalai Lama gesture attacked

BEIJING, Aug. 21 (UPI) -- A China Daily commentary Thursday attacked the Dalai Lama for offering new ideas on the Tibetan issue through a U.S. newspaper.

Dogs of War: Blackwater to the rescue in Darfur?

WASHINGTON, Aug. 8 (UPI) -- The Wall Street Journal ran an opinion piece on July 29 calling for the use of private security contractors to help transform the 9,000 or so African Union soldiers in Darfur into a more effective U.N. peacekeeping force. The op-ed, titled "Mercenaries for Darfur," suggested using personnel from Blackwater Worldwide.

Judge tosses lawsuit over anthrax articles

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Jan. 13 (UPI) -- A federal judge in Virginia Friday dismissed a suit against The New York Times by a scientist who said he was defamed in a 2001 series on anthrax attacks.

Emmys award prizes for new media platforms

LOS ANGELES, July 4 (UPI) -- Seven nominations were made for a new Emmy award to be presented in New York, recognizing excellence in news and documentaries produced for new platforms.

U.S. anthrax defamation suit reinstated

WASHINGTON, July 29 (UPI) -- A federal appeals court reinstated the defamation suit filed against The New York Times by a man linked to the investigation of the U.S. anthrax mailings.

Two biodefense labs remain closed by FBI

FORT DETRICK, Md., July 21 (UPI) -- Two laboratories at the Army's primary bioterror research facility remain closed as part of an ongoing criminal investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
DEE ANN DIVIS, UPI Senior Science & Technology Editor

Columnist Pitts wins Pulitzer

NEW YORK, April 5 (UPI) -- Leonard Pitts Jr. of the Miami Herald was awarded the Pulitzer Pride Monday in the distinguished commentary category for his people columns.

Nicholas Donabet Kristof (born April 27, 1959 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American journalist, author, op-ed columnist, and a winner of two Pulitzer Prizes. He has written an op-ed column for The New York Times since November 2001 and is widely known for bringing to light human rights abuses in Asia and Africa, such as human trafficking and the Darfur conflict. He has lived on four continents, reported on six, and traveled to 140 countries and all 50 states. According to his blog, during his travels he has had "unpleasant experiences with malaria, wars, an Indonesian mob carrying heads on pikes, and an African airplane crash". Jeffrey Toobin of CNN and The New Yorker, a Harvard classmate, has said: "I’m not surprised to see him emerge as the moral conscience of our generation of journalists. I am surprised to see him as the Indiana Jones of our generation of journalists.”

Ann Curry of NBC wrote in her blog that she was once asked to name a modern journalist who showed courage and leadership comparable to the great Edward R. Murrow, but couldn't immediately think of one. Curry, who traveled with Kristof to Darfur, wrote that she later concluded that the best analogy was to Kristof: "The crazy thing is that Kristof in real life is an exceedingly cautious man,... unassuming, disarmingly sweet, mild-mannered guy... interviewing people in a village preparing for a Janjaweed attack... I don't know what Kristof would think about being compared to a TV journalist. Newspaper reporters are notoriously snooty about television news. But no matter what Kristof thinks, he is, in his commitment to the fundamental ideals of news reporting, comparable to the great Murrow."

Kristof's books, all co-authored with his wife Sheryl WuDunn, include China Wakes: The Struggle for the Soul of a Rising Power (1994), Thunder from the East: Portrait of a Rising Asia and the forthcoming Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide (Knopf, September 2009).

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