Thousands protest at Jerusalem anti-draft prayer rally

JERUSALEM, March 2 (UPI) -- Thousands filled a Jerusalem street Sunday to protest proposed legislation to include the ultra-conservative in Israel's draft, authorities said.

Israeli police: Bus bomb work of terrorists

TEL AVIV, Israel, Dec. 22 (UPI) -- Israeli police said a bomb that exploded in an empty bus in Bat Yam Sunday afternoon, lightly injuring a policeman, was the work of terrorists.
Borders closed, train service suspended as Israel marks Yom Kippur

Borders closed, train service suspended as Israel marks Yom Kippur

JERUSALEM, Sept. 13 (UPI) -- Israel temporarily closed border crossings Friday as police put tighter security measures into effect across the country at the start of Yom Kippur.

Three Palestinians killed by Israeli Border Police; 15 people injured

JERUSALEM, Aug. 26 (UPI) -- Three Palestinians, including a U.N. agency worker, died when undercover Israeli troops raided a refugee camp north of Jerusalem Monday, police officials said.

Security guard kills Jewish man at Western Wall

JERUSALEM, June 21 (UPI) -- An Israeli security guard at the Western Wall Plaza in Jerusalem shot and killed a Jewish man he suspected was a Palestinian militant, police said.
Rockets fired on southern Israeli city, temporarily closing airport

Rockets fired on southern Israeli city, temporarily closing airport

EILAT, Israel, April 17 (UPI) -- Three Grad rockets struck Eilat in southern Israel Wednesday, causing no injuries but temporarily closing the city's airport, officials said.

Eight arrested in Arctic drilling protest

JERUSALEM, March 21 (UPI) -- Eight environmental activists were arrested in Israel Thursday after they chained themselves to a bridge to demand President Obama stop Arctic drilling.

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Jerusalem, Ramallah gear up for Obama

JERUSALEM, March 19 (UPI) -- Security was beefed up in Jerusalem and Ramallah ahead of U.S. President Obama's first presidential visit, Israeli and Palestinian officials said.

Palestinians evacuated from E-1 area

JERUSALEM, Jan. 13 (UPI) -- Some 250 Palestinians were evacuated peacefully from an outpost in the E1 area that links Ma'aleh Adumim and Jerusalem early Sunday, Israeli police said.

Clashes erupt in Hebron over teen shooting

HEBRON, West Bank, Dec. 13 (UPI) -- Five people were hurt Thursday in Israeli-Palestinian clashes in Hebron, West Bank, as Palestinians protested the fatal shooting of a teen by Israeli soldiers.

American gunman kills 1 in Israeli hotel

EILAT, Israel, Oct. 5 (UPI) -- An American who killed a kitchen worker at an Israeli hotel Friday was recently fired from his internship at the hotel, officials said.

Jerusalem terror alert heightened

JERUSALEM, Oct. 24 (UPI) -- Jerusalem's terror alert was raised for several hours Monday in response to a possible terrorist attack, police said.

Brothers charged with setting Israeli fire

HAIFA, Israel, Dec. 4 (UPI) -- Two teenage brothers from a Druze village were charged Saturday with starting a devastating wildfire that has killed 42 people in northern Israel, police said.

2 Israeli police officers shot and killed

NABLUS, West Bank, March 15 (UPI) -- Two Israeli traffic police officers were shot and killed Sunday near Nablus, West Bank, Israeli officials said.
Three plus driver die in bulldozer rampage

Three plus driver die in bulldozer rampage

JERUSALEM, July 2 (UPI) -- Israeli officials are trying to learn why a man plowed a bulldozer into several vehicles in Jerusalem Wednesday, killing three before police killed him.

Mystery rockets fired into Israel

JERUSALEM, Jan. 8 (UPI) -- Two large rocket shells landed in northern Israel Monday night without causing injury but who fired them from Lebanon was a mystery.

Israeli police conduct Olmert sweeps

JERUSALEM, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- Israeli police conducted searches in 20 homes and government offices Sunday in a probe into Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's activities.

Israeli police clear Homesh settlement

JERUSALEM, March 28 (UPI) -- Israeli police have evacuated 480 protesters who have spent the last two days on the ruins at Homesh.

More protests at Jerusalem's Temple Mount

JERUSALEM, Feb. 10 (UPI) -- Jerusalem was relatively quiet, though there were more protests Saturday, during a two-day halt in construction near the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.

150 hurt when Israeli train hits car

TEL AVIV, Israel, June 12 (UPI) -- At least 150 people were injured in Israel Monday when a double-decker train struck a car at a crossing and three cars derailed and overturned.