Analysis: Turks eye carrying Kazakh oil

WASHINGTON, May 12 (UPI) -- As Kazakh oil exports continue to rise, Turkey is seeking to position itself as a major transit hub for Kazakh hydrocarbons. Despite Turkish aspirations, however, a number of obstacles exist to Kazakhstan diversifying its export routes to include Turkey.
JOHN C.K. DALY, UPI International Correspondent

Analysis: Central Asia and Gazprom

WASHINGTON, March 14 (UPI) -- Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan have long chafed under Gazprom's pricing arrangements for their natural gas exports, as the energy giant has long adhered to the policy of buy cheap, sell dear.
JOHN C.K. DALY, UPI International Correspondent

Bill Bonanno, mob chieftain, dies

TUCSON, Jan. 3 (UPI) -- Salvatore "Bill" Bonanno, son of the boss of the Bonanno crime family and a possible model for Michael Corleone in "The Godfather," has died in Arizona. He was 75.

Analysis: 'Godfather' sequel dodges bullet

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 10 (UPI) -- Some of Mark Winegardner's friends told him he was "nuts" for agreeing to write a sequel to Mario Puzo's blockbuster 1969 novel "The Godfather," but it's beginn
PAT NASON, UPI Hollywood Reporter

Pacino hasn't ruled out 'Godfather 4'

NEW YORK, Dec. 8 (UPI) -- Film icon Al Pacino says he hasn't ruled out starring in a fourth "Godfather" movie, as long as Francis Ford Coppola is at the helm.

Hot Buttons: Talk show topics

A new television network aimed at hospital patients is wooing advertising from the nation's largest pharmaceutical companies, The Wall Street Journal reports.
ALEX CUKAN, United Press International

Interview of the week: Robin Williams

NEW YORK, May 23 (UPI) -- Fifteen years ago, moviegoers were pleasantly surprised to discover that one of the funniest men alive was also an excellent dramatic actor. Today, 51-year-old

Interview of the week: Al Pacino

NEW YORK, May 16 (UPI) -- In his exciting new thriller, "Insomnia," Oscar-winning actor Al Pacino plays a veteran cop whose decision-making skills are greatly compromised by sleep depriv

Don Michael Corleone is a fictional character in Mario Puzo's novels, The Godfather and The Sicilian. He is also the main character of the film trilogy that was directed by Francis Ford Coppola, in which he was portrayed by Al Pacino. Corleone, as portrayed by Pacino, was ranked as the eighth greatest movie character of all time by Total Film Magazine, and was recognized as the 11th most iconic villain in film history by the American Film Institute.

Michael is the youngest son of Don Vito Corleone (played by Marlon Brando in The Godfather and Robert De Niro in The Godfather Part II). He is the youngest brother of Sonny and Fredo, and the older brother of Connie.

Michael Corleone's ascension to the head of the Corleone crime family is portrayed in Puzo's novel and the first film.

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