Ankara backs bounty for PKK leaders

ANKARA, Turkey, March 9 (UPI) -- The Turkish Interior Ministry said it sent a plan to the prime minister that would approve of a bounty on leaders of the separatist PKK.

Relatives of Iraqi Kurdish leader abducted

ISTANBUL, Turkey, March 7 (UPI) -- The separatist Kurdistan Workers' Party is holding five young relatives of Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani, the family said.

Iraq court OKs al-Hashemi arrest warrant

BAGHDAD, Dec. 25 (UPI) -- Iraq's Higher Judicial Council has endorsed an arrest warrant accusing the country's vice president of enlisting his body guards to run a hit squad.

Iraqi Kurdish leader to meet with Turks

ANKARA, Turkey, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani will visit Turkey to discuss cooperation in dealing with the Kurdistan Workers Party guerilla movement, officials said.
Kurd counters Maliki on risk of division

Kurd counters Maliki on risk of division

BAGHDAD, Iran, July 11 (UPI) -- Massoud Barzani, leader of Iraqi Kurdistan, hit back Monday at Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's opposition to regionalization.
Pope talks of Christians with Kurdish team

Pope talks of Christians with Kurdish team

VATICAN CITY, Feb. 24 (UPI) -- Pope Benedict XVI praised visiting delegates from the Kurdish north of Iraq for promoting religious tolerance in the region, the Kurdish government said.
Formal Iraqi government in one month?

Formal Iraqi government in one month?

BAGHDAD, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- The new Iraqi government will be formed within one month of the start of a Thursday parliamentary meeting, a Kurdish leader declared.
Iraqis try again to form a coalition

Iraqis try again to form a coalition

IRBIL, Iraq, Nov. 8 (UPI) -- Iraq's political leaders met Monday in another attempt to form a government.
U.S. welcomes Iraqi government talks

U.S. welcomes Iraqi government talks

BAGHDAD, Oct. 28 (UPI) -- Talks in Baghdad among the major political blocs initiated by Kurdish authorities could be the sign of a major breakthrough, the U.S. Embassy in Iraq said.
Erbil security tied to Ankara, leaders say

Erbil security tied to Ankara, leaders say

ANKARA, Turkey, June 4 (UPI) -- Turkish security isn't separated from security issues in Iraqi Kurdistan, the president of the Kurdish government in Iraq said in Ankara.

Kurdish leader in Ankara on historic visit

ANKARA, Turkey, June 3 (UPI) -- The president of the Kurdish government in Iraq arrived in Ankara for his first trip to Turkey in more than five years, his office said.
Ankara expects Kurdish help with PKK

Ankara expects Kurdish help with PKK

ANKARA, Turkey, May 5 (UPI) -- Ankara is expecting significant support from the Kurdish administration in Iraq in the fight against Kurdish guerrillas, the Turkish foreign minister said.

KRG eyed for PKK militancy

ANKARA, Turkey, May 4 (UPI) -- The rise in the number of attacks by Kurdish guerrillas in Turkey is renewing concerns about the sincerity of Kurdish leaders in Iraq, officials said.

Arab-Kurdish rows escalate on election eve

ERBIL, Iraq, March 2 (UPI) -- Simmering tensions between the Arab and Kurdish governments in northern Iraq expose the many fault lines at risk as Iraqis head to the polls Sunday.
Iraq says it can prevent coup attempts

Iraq says it can prevent coup attempts

BAGHDAD, Jan. 13 (UPI) -- Iraqi security forces can protect the country against a possible coup as a security crackdown continues in the capital, the interior minister said.
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Massoud Barzani
U.S. President George W. Bush (R) shakes hands with Kurdish President Massoud Barzani after a meeting in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington on October 29, 2008. (UPI Photo/Matthew Cavanaugh/POOL)

Massoud Barzani (Kurdish: مسعود بارزانی; Arabic: مسعود بارزاني‎; born 16 August 1946) is the current President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region and the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. Barzani was born in Mahabad, Iran, during the rule of the Republic of Mahabad. He has five sons (incl. Masrour) and three daughters.

Massoud Barzani succeeded his father, the former Kurdish nationalist leader Mustafa Barzani, as the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in 1979. Working closely with his brother Idriss Barzani until Idriss' death, Barzani and various other Kurdish groups fought Baghdad during the Iran-Iraq War. For much of this time, the Kurdish leadership was exiled to Iran.

With Saddam Hussein's defeat in the first Gulf War, Kurdish forces were able to retake much of the traditional homeland of the Kurds in Iraq. However, as Iraqi forces regrouped they pushed the Kurdish fighters back and hundreds of thousands of civilians fled to the mountains bordering Iran and Turkey, where thousands died under heavy fire from Iraqi gunships and many more succumbed to starvation and exposure. United States-led allies started Operation Provide Comfort to establish a safe zone within Iraq. This zone, protected by a no-fly zone, eventually developed into an autonomous Kurdish zone under the control of the two dominant Kurdish political parties, the KDP led by Massoud Barzani and the PUK led by Jalal Talabani. This zone incorporated most of the three governorates of Duhok, Hewler, and Silemani.

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