French NATO return to benefit EU defense?

STRASBOURG, France, April 2 (UPI) -- France will rejoin NATO as a full member at the alliance's 60th-anniversary summit in France and Germany this weekend, a move observers say is aimed at strengthening not only French military cooperation with the United States but also joint European defense efforts.
STEFAN NICOLA, UPI Europe Correspondent

Analysis: Berlin and Paris move apart

BERLIN, Sept. 20 (UPI) -- France and Germany -- for years this meant one of the strongest alliances in Europe. Yet the skies between Berlin and Paris have become clouded ever since President Nicholas Sarkozy took over.
STEFAN NICOLA, UPI Germany Correspondent

Analysis: Paris back in Europe

BERLIN, May 7 (UPI) -- The election of Nicolas Sarkozy as president of France has boosted the hopes of European Union experts that the body can move to implement quick and comprehensive reform.
STEFAN NICOLA, UPI Germany Correspondent

Analysis: Merkel's Africa, EU pledges

BERLIN, April 25 (UPI) -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel, after meeting British Premier Tony Blair and former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan in Berlin, urged the international community to meet its aid targets to Africa, some six weeks before the continent is a key topic at th
STEFAN NICOLA, UPI Germany Correspondent

Analysis: Indecision dominates France

BERLIN, April 10 (UPI) -- The critical phase of the French presidential campaign has begun, with the country's former security chief in the lead and two more candidates closely behind. Get ready for some potential reshuffling, however, as -- less than two weeks before the first ba
STEFAN NICOLA, UPI Correspondent

Analysis: EADS strains Franco-German ties

BERLIN, June 23 (UPI) -- Problems with European air and space company EADS may turn into political difficulties and strained relations between France and Germany.
STEFAN NICOLA, UPI Germany Correspondent

Analysis: Merkel - no challenge to Chirac

PARIS, Jan. 23 (UPI) -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel angered the German opposition Monday by failing to challenge President Jaques Chirac on his comments that France would consider
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