'Blues Brothers' statues stolen

SLIDELL, La., Feb. 17 (UPI) -- A Louisiana restaurant said it is offering a $500 reward for the safe return of its beloved Blues Brothers statues, which were stolen Friday night.

New Orleans redos permits after near riot

NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 21 (UPI) -- New Orleans officials will re-issue permits to vendors who want to sell food and Mardi Gras trinkets after a near riot last weekend.

'Omnium Gatherum' serves a post-9/11 feast

NEW YORK, Oct. 8 (UPI) -- The World Trade Center tragedy has spawned several Off Broadway dramas but none with the cutting edge of a satirical comedy about a bibulous gourmet dinner part

Feature: Singapore loosen censorship

SINGAPORE, Sept. 4 (UPI) -- A slow loosening of censorship regulation is under way in the Lion-city. But while Cosmopolitan magazine will finally take its place on local the bookstores she

Davenport ponders 'Coupling' in America

Actor Jack Davenport admits he is a bit curious about how American audiences will receive a U.S. version of his wildly popular British sitcom, "Coupling."

Snoop's got dogs after him

PANAMA CITY, Fla., Aug. 11 (UPI) -- Snoop Doggy Dogg is in trouble with Florida police for enticing young women to flash, a report said Monday.

Racing's ghosts haunt modern Fair Grounds

NEW ORLEANS, June 3 (UPI) -- The Fair Grounds Race Course is inhabited by so many ghosts and oddities and legends that I can't walk onto the property without being a little awestruck.

The Vegas Guy: Harrah's New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, May 20 (UPI) -- If you want to visit the big fat controversial Harrah's in downtown New Orleans on a day when nobody's there and you can get your favorite slot machine or have a blackjack table all to yourself, the week you should go is ... Mardi Gras!
JOE BOB BRIGGS, "The Vegas Guy"

Jazz Notes: Goings on in the jazz world

Big band drummer Sonny Payne was born this day in New York in 1926. On and off he worked with the Count Basie band between 1954 and 1974, adding a strong degree of showmanship to its presentation.
KEN FRANCKLING, United Press International

Rock News Two: The week in pop

Spin Magazine's June cover story, "75 Sleazy Moments In Rock," is a full-fledged safari through pop music's grimy side.
JOHN SWENSON, United Press International

Rock News: Music's high and low notes

Madonna's "American Life" album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts this week. The Mverick/Warner Bros. album, which earlier debuted at No. 1 in England, sold 241,000 copies in the United States in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
JOHN SWENSON, United Press International

It's Only Rock & Roll

The music of New Orleans constitutes its own idyllic world. It's a wild country with its own rules and standards, completely set apart from the burnished marketplace of corporate pop, nourishing itself at the wellspring of human joy.
JOHN SWENSON, United Press International

Jazz Notes: Goings on in the jazz world

Tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin was born this day in 1928 in Chicago. Griffin now lives in France, returning to the United States once or twice a year to tour the jazz club circuit.
KEN FRANCKLING, United Press International

Rock News: Music's high and low notes

New Orleans R&B giant Earl King passed away Friday at St. Charles General Hospital from complications of diabetes.
JOHN SWENSON, United Press International

Weekend Traveler

Airlines continue to see poor fiscal numbers and lower passenger loads but other sectors of the travel industry are profiting.
DENNIS DAILY, United Press International
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Mardi Gras
NOP96022003-20FEB96-NEW ORLEANS, LA, USA: Thousands of Mardi Gras revelers pack Bourbon St. in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Feb. 20, as celebrations of Mardi Gras day take place. UPI aj/a.j.sisco

The terms "Mardi Gras" ( /ˈmɑrdiɡrɑː/), "Mardi Gras season", and "Carnival season", in English, refer to events of the Carnival celebrations, beginning on or after Epiphany and culminating on the day before Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras is French for "Fat Tuesday" (in ethnic English tradition, Shrove Tuesday), referring to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season, which begins on Ash Wednesday. Related popular practices are associated with celebrations before the fasting and religious obligations associated with the penitential season of Lent. Popular practices include wearing masks and costumes, overturning social conventions, dancing, sports competitions, parades, etc. Similar expressions to Mardi Gras appear in other European languages sharing the Christian tradition. In English, the day is called Shrove Tuesday, associated with the religious requirement for confession before Lent begins.

In many areas, the term "Mardi Gras" has come to mean the whole period of activity related to the celebratory events, beyond just the single day. In some US cities, it is now called "Mardi Gras Day" or "Fat Tuesday". The festival season varies from city to city, as some traditions consider Mardi Gras the entire period between Epiphany or Twelfth Night and Ash Wednesday. Others treat the final three-day period before Ash Wednesday as the Mardi Gras. In Mobile, Alabama, Mardi Gras-associated social events begin in November, followed by mystic society balls on Thanksgiving, then New Year's Eve, followed by parades and balls in January and February, celebrating up to midnight before Ash Wednesday. In earlier times parades were held on New Year's Day. Other cities famous for Mardi Gras celebrations include Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Barranquilla, Colombia, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Quebec City, Canada; Mazatlán, Sinaloa in Mexico; and New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

Carnival is an important celebration in Catholic European nations. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the week before Ash Wednesday is called "shrovetide", ending on Shrove Tuesday. It has its popular celebratory aspects as well. Pancakes are a traditional food. Pancakes and related fried breads or pastries made with sugar, fat and eggs are also traditionally consumed at this time in many parts of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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