Sen. Edward "Ted" Kennedy, D-MA, dies at age 77 President and Mrs. Lyndon Johnson and their daughter Lynda Bird enjoy entertainment at the Presidential Gala at the DC National Guard Armory The Lyndon Baines Johnson family Lady Bird Johnson with her husband Lyndon Baines Johnson
45th Anniversary of JFK Assassination President Lyndon Baines Johnson delivers his Inaugural Address President Lyndon Baines Johnson leaves the White House to attend services at National City Christian Church on Inauguration Day President and First lady Johnson leave White House to attend inaugural balls
LADY BIRD JOHNSON DIES AT 94 Lady Bird Johnson sits in a patch of wildflowers in front of the LBJ Ranchhouse in Stonewall, TX Demonstrators in front of White House want George Hamilton to get drafted into the Army President and First Lady Lyndon Johnson Inaugural Parade in front of the White House
Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson speaks at event renaming the space center in Houston as the Johnson Space Center President Johnson holds press conference on Vietnam President Lyndon Baines Johnson speaks at a 1964 Democratic Party fundraiser in Chicago, IL Old photo of Lydon Baines Johnson and Claudia Alta Taylor (Lady Bird) Johnson
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