Brazil expects a better jet fighter deal

RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 2 (UPI) -- Brazil is hoping to secure a better deal on its planned multibillion dollar revamp of the air force combat inventory with the possible purchase of up to 36 new jet fighters.

Brazil's sub project boosts local industry

SAO PAULO, Sept. 27 (UPI) -- Brazil's submarine development project is filtering down to local manufacturers who hope to capitalize on the program's appetite for local expertise.

S. American defense spending set to fall

BRASILIA, Brazil, April 17 (UPI) -- Arms spending in Latin America is likely to be flat due to cutbacks in Brazilian defense programs and cash constraints on expenditures by other countries.
U.S. aims for better outcome with Brazil after tough summit

U.S. aims for better outcome with Brazil after tough summit

BRASILIA, Brazil, April 13 (UPI) -- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is due here next week for another jab at reaching convergence on key foreign policy and global finance issues, including Cuba, the Middle East, monetary expansion and trade.
Da Silva hospitalized in Brazil

Da Silva hospitalized in Brazil

SAO PAULO, March 5 (UPI) -- Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was hospitalized Sunday with a fever and mild pneumonia in Sao Paulo, officials said.

Brazil sees growth in regional arms sales

SAO PAULO, Feb. 21 (UPI) -- Brazil is moving toward implementing plans to develop its defense industry market regionally in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Brazil hopes for cheaper FX-2 fighter deal

BRASILIA, Brazil, Feb. 14 (UPI) -- Brazil hopes the current economic downturn will give it an edge over competing suppliers and help secure a cheaper deal for its purchase of up to 36 fighter jets.
Brazil eases Cuba into free market economy

Brazil eases Cuba into free market economy

RIO DE JANEIRO, Feb. 2 (UPI) -- Brazil is easing Cuba into the free market economy with a generous package of aid in cash and kind and joint projects.

Brazil racing to corner C-130 market for tactical transport craft

SAO PAULO, Jan. 25 (UPI) -- Brazil is speeding its research and development programs to perfect a tactical transport aircraft to rival the old C-130 Hercules amid predictions the global market needs no less than 700 substitute.

Brazil modernizing navy with new inventory

RIO DE JANEIRO, Jan. 17 (UPI) -- Brazil is modernizing its navy to continue expansion of the naval forces' responsibilities in regular patrolling of lakes and rivers.

Iran seeks South American support over crisis

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, Jan. 11 (UPI) -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won support from Latin America's left-wing populist leaders in Venezuela and Nicaragua as he set off for talks in Havana with Cuban President Raul Castro and conclusive meetings in Ecuador.

Ahmadinejad sets Latin American tour for talks, trade

CARACAS, Venezuela, Jan. 4 (UPI) -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is back in Latin America building bridges with OPEC partners Ecuador and Venezuela and populist governments in Cuba, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Mercosur to fast-track Venezuela's entry

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, Dec. 15 (UPI) -- The Mercosur trade bloc is planning to fast-track Venezuela's accession as a full member as regional leaders push forward plans to strengthen the organization.

More snags in Brazil's war on corruption

RIO DE JANEIRO, Nov. 9 (UPI) -- Brazil's war on corruption is hitting more snags as the influential and powerful among those accused begin to fight back against both the government and the media.

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Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
WAP2002121009-WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 (UPI)--Brazilian President-Elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva speaks at the headquarters of the AFL-CIO in Washington D.C. on Dec. 10, 2002. jg/John Gillis

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Portuguese pronunciation:   audio (help·info); born 27 October 1945), known popularly as Lula, served as the 35th President of Brazil from 2003 to 2010.

A founding member of the Workers' Party (PT – Partido dos Trabalhadores), he ran for President three times unsuccessfully, first in the 1989 election. Lula achieved victory in the 2002 election, and was inaugurated as President on 1 January 2003. In the 2006 election he was re-elected for a second term as President, which ended on 31 December 2010. He was succeeded by his former Chief of Staff, Dilma Rousseff.

He is often regarded as the most popular politician in the history of Brazil and, at the time of his mandate, one of the most popular in the world. Social programs like Bolsa Família and Fome Zero are hallmarks of his time in office. Lula played a prominent role in recent international relations developments, including the Nuclear program of Iran and global warming, and was described as "a man with audacious ambitions to alter the balance of power among nations." He was featured in Time's The 100 Most Influential People in the World for 2010, and has been called "the most successful politician of his time."

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