Kim Jong Il heads to Beijing

HONG KONG, Jan. 16 (UPI) -- North Korean leader Kim Jong-il appeared to be headed to Beijing Monday after visiting China's booming southern cities, local news reports said.

Kim Jong Il turns up in southern China

GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 13 (UPI) -- North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is visiting China's southern province of Guangdong for a look at the region's booming development, local reports said Friday. Kim spent Thursday in the provincial capital of Guangzhou, the South China Morning Post reported,

North Korean leader jets to China

SHANGHAI, Jan. 11 (UPI) -- North Korean leader Kim Jong Il flew to China, reports A South Korean news agency, contradicting a report that he had traveled by an armored train.

North Korean leader visits China

PYONGYANG, North Korea, Jan. 10 (UPI) -- North Korean leader Kim Jong-il visited China Tuesday, using an armored train amid tight security, reports the BBC.

Kim Jong Il on visit to China

BEIJING, Jan. 10 (UPI) -- North Korean leader Kim Jong Il entered China aboard his armored train early Tuesday, crossing the border amid tight security. South Korea's Yonhap news service, quoting Chinese sources, said the reclusive leader's train passed through the Chinese border

N.Korea's Kim calls for younger leaders

PYONGYANG, North Korea, Jan. 5 (UPI) -- North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has called for aging officials to be replaced by younger talent, South Korean news service Yonhap reported Thursday.

NKorean leader praises his soldiers

PYONGYANG, North Korea, Nov. 24 (UPI) -- North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il says one soldier in his Second Guards Infantry Division can challenge a hundred enemies because of his training. Kim, supreme leader of the hardline Communist state, made his comment while inspecting the division of the Kor

Bush urges democracy in China

KYOTO, Japan, Nov. 16 (UPI) -- U.S. President George Bush Wednesday in Japan urged China's leaders to allow their people democracy and religious freedom, holding up Taiwan as an example. Speaking to reporters in Kyoto, Bush said China's leaders should not fear a free society and it was

Six-party talks restart in Beijing, again

BEIJING, Nov. 9 (UPI) -- Six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear programs reopened in Beijing Wednesday to tackle the implementation of an agreement signed in September. North Korea and the United States must break an impasse over which side will move first -- Pyongyang in aband

Six-party talks to reconvene next week

BEIJING, Nov. 3 (UPI) -- Six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear programs will reconvene in Beijing next Wednesday, China's Foreign Ministry announced Thursday.

China, North Korea talks fruitful to both

BEIJING, Oct. 30 (UPI) -- The leaders of China and North Korea finished a three-day diplomatic visit Sunday pledging support for each other and affirming commitment to nuclear talks.

North Korea says nuclear talks are working

BEIJING, Oct. 29 (UPI) -- North Korea has assured China it is committed to nuclear talks that resume in November.

Hu visits Pyongyang ahead of 6-party talks

PYONGYANG, North Korea, Oct. 28 (UPI) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao arrived in Pyongyang Friday for a three-day visit ahead of six-party nuclear talks expected to reopen in Beijing early next month. The visit is at the invitation of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, who greeted Hu at the airport

Hu Jintao to visit N.Korea, Vietnam

BEIJING, Oct. 21 (UPI) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao will pay official visits to North Korea and Vietnam at the end of this month, the official Xinhua news agency reported Friday.

Hu Jintao to visit North Korea

BEIJING, Oct. 19 (UPI) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao is expected to visit North Korea at the end of this month to discuss Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program with leader Kim Jong-il.
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Kim Jong Il
China's state television shows footage of deceased North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il's body laying in state in Pyongyang December 20, 2011. China on Monday offered its "deep condolences" on the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, which analysts said will spur China's leaders to boost ties with Pyongyang to prevent instability. UPI/Stephen Shaver

Kim Jong-Il (sometimes spelled Kim Yong-Il to avoid confusion with the North Korean leader), born 11 September 1962, is a retired South Korean long jumper, best known for winning two gold medals at the Asian Games. He also competed in the Olympics twice, and was the first Korean track and field athlete to have made a final round at the Olympics. His personal best jump was 8.00 metres, achieved in August 1988 in Seoul. After retiring as an active athlete, he turned to a career in coaching and academics.

Kim Jong-Il was born on 11 September 1962, and is a native of Jincheon. He became a member of the national track and field team in 1979, and first made his mark internationally by winning the gold medal in long jump at the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi. His jump of 7.94 metres was the second best Asian Games result of all times, only behind T.C. Yohannan's winning jump of 8.07 metres in 1974. Kim beat second-placed Liu Yuhuang with a slim margin of five centimetres, and third-placed Junichi Usui with seven centimetres.

Two years later, Kim participated in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Entering the qualifying round at the long jump competition, where one would need to finish among the top twelve or achieve at least 7.90 metres to reach the final, Kim began his competition with a non-valid jump. His second jump measured 7.67 metres, in a head wind of 2.5 m/s, which was not enough to progress. However, with his final qualifying jump measuring 7.87 metres, he finished ninth in total, thus making it to the finals—together with fellow Asians Junichi Usui (8.02 m) and Liu Yuhuang (7.83 m). In the final round, Kim opened with jumps of 7.76 and 7.81 metres. The latter jump ranked him in eighth place, the threshold necessary to get a further three jumps after the first three. Failing to capitalize on this opportunity, with two jumps of 7.77 and 7.59 as well as two fouls he remained in eighth place. Nonetheless, he was the first Korean track and field athlete to have made a final round at the Olympics.

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