Khmer Rouge leaders guilty of crimes against humanity

Khmer Rouge leaders guilty of crimes against humanity

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, Aug. 7 (UPI) --Two leaders of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge were found guilty of crimes against humanity Thursday in Phnom Penh.
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Genocide trial for Khmer Rouge leaders begins

Genocide trial for Khmer Rouge leaders begins

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, July 30 (UPI) --Two surviving members of the Khmer Rouge went on trial for genocide in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Wednesday.
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Prosecution rests in trial of 2 former Khmer Rouge leaders

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- Prosecutors at the Khmer Rouge trial in Cambodia rested their case against two Khmer Rouge leaders, saying a fair verdict would be life in prison.

Prosecutors seek life in prison for 2 former Khmer Rouge leaders

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, Oct. 22 (UPI) -- Prosecutors asked for sentences of life in prison for two Khmer Rouge officers, telling a tribunal in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, a lesser punishment was inadequate.

Closing statements begin in Khmer Rouge massacre trial

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, Oct. 18 (UPI) -- Cambodia's war crimes tribunal has started hearing closing statements in the trial of former Khmer Rouge leaders accused of leading the massacre of up 1.7 million people.

Hun Sen re-appointed as Cambodian prime minister

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, Sept. 24 (UPI) -- Re-elected Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen officially took up office amid opposition street protests and a parliamentary boycott.

French lawyer who defended war criminals and terrorists dies at 88

PARIS, Aug. 16 (UPI) -- Jacques Verges, a French lawyer who advocated for war criminals and terrorists, has died in Paris, his friends said.

Khmer Rouge figure fit to stand trial

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, March 29 (UPI) -- Nuon Chea, known as "Brother No. 2" in Cambodia's bloody Khmer Rouge regime, is fit to stand trial for genocide and war crimes, the United Nations said Friday.

Court ends case against deceased Ieng Sary

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, March 14 (UPI) -- The U.N.-backed court in Cambodia hearing war crimes-related cases ended the proceedings of former Foreign Minister Ieng Sary, who died Thursday.

Former Khmer Rouge FM Ieng Sary dies

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, March 13 (UPI) -- Ieng Sary, foreign minister in Cambodia's Khmer Rouge regime who had faced trial on war crimes charges, died Thursday at age 87, his family said.

Witness says three accused visited Pol Pot

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, Jan. 9 (UPI) -- Officials said the Khmer Rouge tribunal in Cambodia heard testimony from a security guard who saw regime leaders and accused traitors visit Pol Pot's home.

Court: 3,000 Cambodians killed at one site

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, Oct. 10 (UPI) -- Some 3,000 Cambodian provincial officials were shot to death and buried in mass graves in 1975 as the Khmer Rouge came to power, court documents reveal.

Khmer Rouge figure unfit to stand trial

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, Sept. 17 (UPI) -- Cambodia's U.N.-backed war crimes tribunal found Ieng Thirith, a minister in the Khmer Rouge regime, unfit to stand trial and gave her a provisional release.

Forces ordered to 'clear' Phnom Penh

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, May 3 (UPI) -- During the U.N.-led trial of former Cambodian regime leaders, a witness testified military forces were ordered to "clear" Phnom Penh of "enemies."

Second Cambodia genocide trial judge quits

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, March 20 (UPI) -- A second judge has resigned from the UN-backed international war crimes tribunal in Cambodia, citing interference in the judicial process.
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Khieu Samphan (Khmer: ខៀវ សំផន, born July 27, 1931) was the president of the state presidium of Democratic Kampuchea (Cambodia) from 1976 until 1979. As such, he served as Cambodia's head of state and was one of the most powerful officials in the Khmer Rouge movement, though Pol Pot was the group's true political leader and held the most extensive power. Samphan is of Chinese-Khmer ancestry.

Samphan was born in Svay Rieng Province and was educated at the Lycee Sisowath; he came from a relatively privileged background, being the son of a judge.

A prominent member of the circle of leftist Khmer intellectuals studying in Paris in the 1950s, Khieu Samphan studied economics and politics there. His successful 1959 doctoral thesis, "Cambodia's Economy and Industrial Development" advocated national self-reliance and generally sided with dependency theorists in blaming the wealthy, industrialized states for the poverty of the Third World. He was one of the founders of the Khmer Students' Association (KSA), out of which would grow the left-wing revolutionary movements that would so alter Cambodian history in the 1970s, most notably the Khmer Rouge. Once the KSA was shuttered by French authorities in 1956, he founded yet another student organization, the Khmer Students' Union.

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