Mulroney 's behavior was 'inappropriate'

OTTAWA, June 1 (UPI) -- A federal inquiry judge in Canada says former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney engaged in "inappropriate" behavior by concealing cash he got from a lobbyist.

German arms lobbyist may spill more beans

BERLIN, Aug. 3 (UPI) -- Escorted by two Canadian Mounties, Karlheinz Schreiber is now in Germany, detained in a Bavarian prison cell in Augsburg. Never before have German media and representatives of civic society awaited the arrival in Germany of a 75-year-old businessman with such eager anticipation.

Deported businessman put on plane

TORONTO, Aug. 3 (UPI) -- German-Canadian businessman Karlheinz Schreiber has been put on a plane to Germany after losing a 10-year battle against deportation, his wife says.

Canada won't block man's extradition

TORONTO, Aug. 2 (UPI) -- A Canadian appellate court Sunday rejected an appeal by a German-Canadian businessman to quash his extradition on tax evasion charges, his attorney said.

Mulroney completes panel appearance

OTTAWA, May 21 (UPI) -- Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney said Wednesday he was treated well during his six days of questioning in the Karlheinz Schreiber probe.

Mulroney says he would have disclosed cash

OTTAWA, May 14 (UPI) -- Brian Mulroney said Thursday he would have disclosed his cash relationship with Karlheinz Schreiber if government lawyers had asked the right question.
Mulroney recalls Airbus scandal with tears

Mulroney recalls Airbus scandal with tears

OTTAWA, May 13 (UPI) -- Tears welled up in Brian Mulroney's eyes Wednesday as he testified about police considering him a fraud suspect when he was Canadian prime minister.
Mulroney: 'No wrongdoing on my part'

Mulroney: 'No wrongdoing on my part'

OTTAWA, May 12 (UPI) -- Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney said Tuesday he regretted the way he handled dealings with a lobbyist, but testified nothing he did was illegal.

Ex-Canadian PM denies wrongdoing

OTTAWA, Dec. 13 (UPI) -- Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney said Thursday his acceptance of $225,000 from a businessman was seriously bad judgment but not illegal.

Ex-Canadian leader in tax scandal

TORONTO, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney has been accused by a man in Toronto of trying to cover up $300,000 in cash payments Mulroney received from him.

Canadian ex-PM told to repay arms dealer

OTTAWA, July 27 (UPI) -- Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney has been ordered to repay a German arms dealer who gave him thousands of dollars in the early 1990s.

Karlheinz Schreiber (born March 25, 1934) is a German and Canadian citizen, an industrialist, lobbyist, fundraiser, arms dealer and businessman. He has been in the news regarding his alleged role in the 1999 CDU contributions scandal in Germany, which damaged the political legacy of former Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl and involves the present Federal Minister of Finance of Germany Wolfgang Schäuble as well as the Airbus affair in Canada, which was linked through allegation to former Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney. He was extradited to Germany on August 2, 2009.

Schreiber was born in Petersdorf, Thüringen. He became a lobbyist and deal maker. He was a fundraiser for the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Christian Social Union in West Germany before and during Helmut Kohl's chancellorship.

Schreiber stated in his Canadian House of Commons testimony on November 29, 2007 that he had been a lay judge, for nine years in Germany.

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